Luke Cage Netflix Series – Trailer – SO COOL!

Holy fracking hell, I cannot wait to see this! I’m a huge Power Man aka Luke Cage fan. Even better, I’m loving the Netflix Marvel Universe. All of the characters being introduced are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they have their own adventures being spread out through an entire season. This gives so much more character development of their heroes and showing many significant side characters that we never thought would make it to a tv show/movie-verse. This includes many villains as well. Luke Cage was introduced in the Jessica Jones series as her lover/boyfriend. If you are not aware of his abilities, he has super strength and unbreakable skin. He also has a very (b)romantic relationship with with another comic book character, Iron Fist. To which I really hope he shows up in this series as some point. Check out the trailer below.

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1 thought on “Luke Cage Netflix Series – Trailer – SO COOL!

  1. I’ll definitely be checking this out. I love that he wears the metal headband in one scene. I would not be surprised if Luke shows up in the Iron Fist series.

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