New Star Trek Discovery Series Will Have a Gay Character


Executive Producer Bryan Fuller stated on CNN that the new Star Trek Discovery series will have a female lead captain and an openly gay character. This is great, but I still want to know what the series is about. So far we only seem to know that the universe will be in the “Prime” Star Trek universe with new characters. That means it will not be in the NEW Star Trek alternate movie universe. I am excited for the series and I do have to give CBS credit for finally having the sense to come to the 21st century and include a gay character that will be shown on one of their shows. But I am very curious as to the premise of this show. So many rumors are being told online, I’m not sure which to believe. Regardless, I will be watching the show.

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2 thoughts on “New Star Trek Discovery Series Will Have a Gay Character

  1. I’m not a big Star Trek fan but I will give it a chance. I heard it will take place before the original series but that could be BS.

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