Captain America #1 & Batman #50 – The Wedding to Catwoman – Comic Load 7/4/2018

It’s comic book day! Man of Steel, the six issue mini series comes to an end and the whereabouts of Jonathan Kent is explained. Walking Dead #181 – More walkers…new civilization drama…etc. Nothing new really. Astonishing X-Men #13 – Havok tries to recruit his own team of X-Men, again. He gets a surprise from a long thought dead team member. X-Men Gold #31- Rachel Summers battles Mesmero in a mind battle that translates to reality. Captain America #1 – Another number one, because reasons. Selene is the big baddie this go around, which should be interesting to see her battle Cap later down the road. Finally, Batman #50 – The Wedding issue! Major spoiler for this issue, even though most people were already spoiled long before this issue hit stands. Check out my thoughts on this weeks comic load! What’s your load look like?

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