Captain America #1, Justice League #50, Superman #52 Comic Load 5/25/2016

Comic Load 5 25 2016 (2).Movie_Snapshot

With the Rebirth event happening in DC Comics, the lead up to this historic happening occurred with the end of the Darkseid Wars in Justice League #50 and the Final Days of Superman in Superman #52. We also have the first issue of Steve Rogers Captain America #1 that will leave your jaw dropping on the floor. This was an epic issue. We also have The Mighty Thor #7 which has more of a backstory than anything else. Spider-Man/Deadpool #5 has Spider-Man escaping from purgatory after Deadpool sent him there. Daredevil #7, Daredevil is helping Elektra discover her past with her supposed daughter. And in Aliens Defiance #2, the synthetics are going against their Weland/Yutani protocols and trying to extinguish the Xenomorph threat.

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1 thought on “Captain America #1, Justice League #50, Superman #52 Comic Load 5/25/2016

  1. Today was such a great day to be a comic book fan. I read so many great comics that I’m exhausted. Rebirth blew my mind and I could not believe the ending to Captain America. I also said goodbye to Grayson, Omega Men, and especially Secret Six.

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