Captain America: Civil War – Movie Review (MOSTLY NON-Spoiler)


Some spoilers are involved in this, but over all everything is very vague. Great movie and I completely recommend it for everyone, geek and non-geek alike. Go watch this movie. It is an excellent movie!

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1 thought on “Captain America: Civil War – Movie Review (MOSTLY NON-Spoiler)

  1. I walked out of this one about twenty minutes before it was over. I couldn’t take any more fight sequences between a mass of computer generated super-thingies who can’t handle their conflicts in a less expensively destructive way. There is so much zooming and slamming around that I got numb trying to figure out who the hell these people are and what they’re doing.

    Why are there so many characters? It seems like each extension of this franchise adds another few characters. None of them really seem to fit together or complement each other. When Ant man and some dude in black with silly little cat ears showed up I figured that it would only be a few more minutes before we got the Leprechaun King and Donald Duck. It’s impossible to keep any tension going when it’s spread out over so many characters. You need an emotional road map to figure out what each super means to the other.

    The other thing that drove me nuts is that the movie is 85 per cent close ups and when the actors are wearing wigs and a lot of make up shooting them this close up is brutal. Robert Downey jr who is in his 50s has his hair and tiny beard thickly painted brown. Scarlet Johansen is in a chemical red wig and lots of eye liner. Chris Evans who is such a handsome man is covered in makeup. His cheek bones and eye sockets are a shade lighter because of all the concealer and he seems to be wearing opal eye liner. It’s both disfiguring and weirdly feminine. All the tight close ups made me linger on each actors facial asymetries. isn’t the DP supposed to flatter the actors, or at least present them to their best advantage?

    The audience seemed to dig this but I stopped expecting that I’d could care about any of it so I just walked out.

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