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Midnighter 12 (4).Movie_Snapshot

This is the last of the Midnighter comic books in the foreseeable future from DC Comics. So sad, especially since there are very few LGBT characters that are headlining their own series. This comic has a satisfying conclusion but it is still sad to see it go. Hopefully his character will not be in limbo forever and he can join a new Stormwatch team or maybe be a Bat-Person family member. Anything is possible.

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1 thought on “Midnighter #12 – The Last Issue – Gay DC Comic Book Review

  1. I had to go back and replay this since I kept noticing how tight your shirt was. I am sad to see this comic go but at least we got 1 year of Midnighter. Hopefully there will be a Midnighter & Apollo comic book. I have no desire to see another Stormwatch or Authority comic.

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