Civil II rages through the Marvel Universe. Captain Marvel has her team set up to take down Tony Stark and his other team of superheroes. This issue has the actual fighting that is finally taking place. It took a bit of a build up, but we get see some smack down within the heroic side of the spectrum. Both sides have their valid points, but we end off with a new prediction being shown by the Inhuman Ulysses that will shape the next issue.

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1 thought on “Civil War II – #5 – Marvel Comic Book Review

  1. I’m sorry but this series is not getting any better for me. I did not like the ending. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is one of my favorite characters and I don’t like that she’s taking all these predictions at face value. How do we know that this prediction is going to come true? The fight scenes were fine and I’m glad the X-Men and GOTG are getting involved. Doctor Strange was massively powered down in his comic book during an arc called The Last Days of Magic. I think this takes place before then, otherwise he wouldn’t be using spells so easily. I wish that Civil War II was already over but it looks like we have to wait until December for that.

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