Comic Load Wednesday – Masters of the Universe #4 and more

1 thought on “Comic Load Wednesday – Masters of the Universe #4 and more

  1. Hey paul, I thought since you did A haul video I’ll do a haul comment. First on is the new 52 Injustice gods amoung us series, I got the first issue and was really suprised on the direction they took. Second one is Constatine issue one, again in the dc 52. I’m not that familiar with his story but so far it is good. third is Deadpool kills deadpool issue 1. It has such a cool concept and is pretty cool. fourth one is Superboy issue 0. It is a prequel to the new superboy series and it is so cool seeing the background of superboy and how he came to be. Last but not least is Saga volume 1. It is a cool series that I picked up that has really cool concepts. It has a very serious art style that I love. I hope you read this comment because it would be awesome if you read my haul and maybe think about taking up some of the comics I got. Love your comic reviews and haul videos, hope to see more soon.

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