Contest Submission – Fan Fic from Long Haired Creepy Guy (Contest ends next week!)

Gay Comic Geek:
Captain Staffelcock and the Ass-Jammers

by That Long-Haired Creepy Guy

Captain’s Log, Solar Sun Date: G179-ADX

Since our escape from Earth via the Miami Space Port, the crew and I have had little time to relax and enjoy ourselves. It is only recently that the Bacardi Mix flew far enough past the Moon’s orbit to be considered beyond the range of Earth’s jurisdiction. The space patrol of the One Nation Earth government were relentless, but we’ve stayed one step ahead thus far. It appears that our luck hasn’t run out on us yet, and for that, I am thankful to whatever gods may be listening.

I suppose it was inevitable that the One Nation Earth government targeted so many Internet critics and online video personalities. Free speech had become a luxury that only the wealthy elite could afford to purchase. As such, my friends and I were incarcerated. I felt for a long time that it was my fault they were thrown in jail alongside me. After all, they had helped so much with my channel before it was banned. The courts declared them accomplices to my so-called anarchy. Our escape occurred as a combined result of good fortune and careful planning. The theft of the experimental bio-ship from Miami’s space hanger, however, was pure serendipity. Now we are free men, and we are also wanted fugitives. I suppose nothing in life comes without a cost.

The rest of the solar system is not as restrictive, so we should be safer there. That is the lie that I keep telling myself as the ship flies towards StarQuester, the commercial space station that floats halfway between Earth and Mars. The truth is that I don’t know what will happen to us now. I have no idea how to be the captain of a ship. My fear is that our actions have only lead to a worse fate for ourselves. However, the men of this ship are my closest, most dearest friends. I would rather die a hundred deaths than let them down.

All of them seem to have the utmost faith in me, gods know why. There is T-Ray, who has taken on the role of the ship’s communications officer. His hopes of becoming an actor are over now, it seems, but his skill with computers is incomparable to anyone else on board, including myself.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Zak next. Zak, who stood by my side when the courts hauled us to prison, and who would take many a lump for me in the prison showers. His skills as an artist are of little use to us now, but being from Jersey, he has a talent for driving. We’ve elected that he be the Bacardi Mix’s helmsman.

The next person on the list, I suppose, would be Kelly. Kelly used to be part of a punk rock band called Hallelujah Riot Squad. The government ordered them to disperse when we were arrested. They released one final single in protest before going underground, called “Burn Down the State”. It was pretty catchy. These days, Kelly is the chief security officer for the Bacardi Mix. He’s a little skinny to be doing the job, but I gave it to him since he asked for it. I think it’s because he still loves Star Trek so much. We even found a machine that made him a special uniform. He really loves it.

Then, there’s Richter. Richter worked at a server in a restaurant before we were all locked up. Given that he has the most experience dealing with food, you’d think we would have made him our cook. That position went to someone else, though, but I’ll get into him shortly. Richter is Kelly’s back-up when it comes to security. The two of them are the first ones to the guns whenever we run into trouble. Richter and I have known each other for a while now. He can always make me laugh no matter how bad things get. I’ve really needed a few laughs recently. We all have. Richter is more than welcome on the Bacardi Mix as far as I’m concerned.

Last but not least, there’s Jae-El. I don’t have much to say about him. He was in the same cell block as us, and helped take out a few guards when we made our escape. To repay him, we brought him along with us on our trip into space. Jae-El doesn’t like to talk about himself, or talk in general. He sounds like he’s had some higher education, but I can’t pin down where. He’s become the ship’s cook, and is pretty good at it. I just wish I knew more about him. The most remarkable thing is that he’s got long hair. So far, we haven’t found a single strand in our food, which is a relief.

This comprises the crew of the Bacardi Mix, stolen prototype bio-ship of the One Nation Earth government. My name is Paul Staffelbach. I am the captain of the Bacardi Mix. I was once known as the Gay Comic Geek. This is the story of my crew and I’s journey.

End Log Entry.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Captain’s Log, Solar Sun Date: G182-ADX

I suppose the trouble first started for us as we were approaching StarQuester. T-Ray, our communications officer, hailed the station and requested permission to board. StarQuester has the dubious honor of being sandwiched outside of Mars and Earth’s jurisdictions, so it operates under strict anonymity. We wouldn’t have bothered stopping otherwise. My friends–my crew–and I are already sick and tired of being shot at.

Being a commercial space station, everything is available for a price. We were looking for food, water, and fuel for the Bacardi Mix. We were also hoping for a way to pay for these things so we didn’t have to steal them. This ties into the ‘trouble’ I mentioned, but some other factors came into play first.

At any rate, my friends and I were able to dock the ship without incident despite no one at the transmission tower responding. Jae-El spoke for once, saying that this was like in the movies where something goes wrong on the station and it’s completely deserted. To my relief, that wasn’t the case. The bazaar was packed with shoppers and merchants. None of us had ever seen a space station marketplace before so we all agreed to separate for a couple of hours and explore the area. Zak joked that he was going to find a brothel. Richter and Kelly both wandered away toward what I think was a holo-cinema. T-Ray found a hardware store full of old 20th century tech and disappeared inside. Jae-El wandered off in the opposite direction of me. I admit that I lost sight of him when I spotted a vintage early 21st century comic book store.

For a while, things were quiet. I lost track of time exploring the shelves of the comic book store. They had several issues of Tim Drake, Robin that I hadn’t read in years. I had just picked out my selection and was paying at the front desk. That was when I heard the explosion. I made sure to pick my comics up off the desk before leaving the store, but I dropped them once I got outside and saw the brawl going on. Kelly and Richter were having it out with a couple of nerf-herders. It was a good thing neither one of them had left their Archer Blasters in the Bacardi Mix, or they’d have been fucked. I saw Zak join the fT-Ray next, taking one nerf-herder out from behind using his twin laser sabers. I left my comics on the ground then and joined in, blasting away with my double-action plasma revolver. By the time the second nerf-herder went down, the space station security were all over us.

Luckily, T-Ray showed up right afterward and was able to smooth things over. I don’t know how he does it, but the man is a great communicator. Jae-El was also there, and I thought I saw him show one of the security officers something tucked away in the palm of his hand. Not long after that, we were told that we were free to go. That should have been that, but the chief of the security squad pulled me aside and asked if I would do them a favor. It seemed the transmission tower failure we’d encountered earlier was due to a problem in the storage docks. A package was slated for delivery on Phobos in less than 12 hours. The long and short of it was that we would be given a month’s worth of supplies if we delivered the package for them.

I wanted to say ‘no’, but the other option was for us to slowly starve and dehydrate while drifting through space, so we said ‘yes’.

The package was a small cylinder with your standard ‘Warning’ tag printed on one side. There was nothing particularly interesting about it, which I guess was the whole point. If we’d known what was inside that thing then, and were ourselves looking to pass it off onto someone else, making it look discreet would’ve been the ideal solution. The cylinder was placed in a store hold separate from our supplies. Once we were all loaded up, the tower gave us the clear sign and Zak took us out into the vacuum.

We were about halfway to Mars when our problems really started. I don’t know who opened the cylinder. Jae-El examined it later and said that the seal hadn’t been placed on it properly. I believe him, but I have no reason to suspect anyone of tampering with the cylinder. The long and short of it is, whatever was in that cylinder got out.

I can still remember the sound that thing made when it dropped down on top of me from up in the ship’s rafters. I can feel the saliva it secreted dripping onto my skin. It had a body of sorts, but the bulk of it was a nest of writhing tendrils. I never knew a being could have so many of them, or that so many parts of my body could be touched at all once. My first instinct was to fight it off, but then it breathed something into my face. The cloud of gas was pink. I inhaled on reflex and the cloud made me feel dizzy.

The next thing I knew, the creature was tearing away at my uniform.

This next part isn’t easy for me to discuss. I should have fought harder, but the creature’s touch was electric. My body was burning up from whatever poison it breathed into me. The little static shocks it gave me through the tips of its tendrils felt like fiery tongues licking at me. My nipples were especially sensitive to the assault, and the creature appeared to pick up on that.

The tongue–I never heard of a tongue being that long–began to assault my ass. I could feel it work its way past my clenched sphincter like a determined snake. The slimy appendage moved around my inner channel in a corkscrew motion. The feeling was indescribable. I could feel my legs jerking and kicking outward. By that point, I wasn’t trying to fight off my assailant. My body moved of its own accord. I felt the tip of the touch brush back and forth against my prostate. The world went white for a moment afterward.

When I could see again, I was covered in my own splooge. The creature had gotten me to climax without my having so much as touched my dick. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I would have been floored had the monster allowed me a moment to catch my breath. The beast had suspended me in mid-air using its numerous tendrils. The ones that weren’t holding my body up were giving me quick shocks again and again all over my body.

By now, the pain was intense, but I didn’t want it to stop. Something had come over me. I wanted to feel more. Every nerve ending was screaming at once, begging my brain for more sensation. I felt something probe at my ass again, and realized the creature intended to violate my ass with its tendrils. Unbelievably, I spread my legs as best I could under the circumstances, inviting the torture.

The creature was not interested in giving me time to adjust. Whatever its goal was, it had barely worked one tendril in before another joined. I had a grand total of five tendrils moving in and out of my asshole, fucking me together, before it decided that was plenty.

My cock stood out rock-hard in front of me. I was still covered in the results of my earlier climax, but my balls churned as if ready to release more of my swimmers. The tendrils that suspended my body up began to move me down hard, meeting the upward thrusts of the tendrils in my ass. A few of the remaining tendrils brushed gently at the cum-splattered parts of my body, sending shocks into me at random points.

I remember that I screamed. I remember begging, pleading, crying out for more. Tears rolled down my face because I thought I might never cum. When I did cum at last, the torment didn’t stop. The fucking in my ass merely intensified. The tendrils that had been shocking me rolled around in the cum from my dick that painted my lower body. Within minutes, I had shot another load. My balls screamed in protest, but the monster wouldn’t stop.

As my torture continued, the toxin from the monster began to clear my system a little. My guess is that I sweated enough of it out of me while the creature fucked my ass royally. Given that I’d been complacent, it seemed like the creature had let its guard down. At one point, I felt the hold on my left leg loosen. Using the opportunity, I swung out with my left leg, striking the creature in what I guess passed for its face. It released part of me in surprise, but the tendrils remained buried up my ass. I rolled to the side, kicking away the tendrils that held my other arm and leg in place, and felt something ‘pop’ out of my ass.

Moving was a challenge by itself. My body was sore all over from the electric shocks, my ass felt like a space freighter had been parked in it all day, and my arms and legs were tired from being held in place for so long. Nevertheless, I beat the creature to my plasma revolver. With my ass still hanging wide open, I pumped the creature full of hot plasma. The blasts alerted my crew to my whereabouts. No one made much mention of the fact that I was bare-ass naked. We decided to dispose of the creature out of an airlock, agreeing that we knew nothing about it should someone ask.

That was pretty much the end of our little adventure. However, the night afterward, I woke up from a dream. My body was covered in sweat and I had a huge puddle of cum spread out across my stomach. I could feel my asshole twitching, as if begging to be filled.

The creature left its mark on me. I have had the dream six more times since then. Each time, I have to masturbate with four fingers buried up my ass as far as they will go, even though I have already cum.

I had never been a victim before. Now I dream of being one again and again and again each night.

End Log Entry.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Captain’s Log, Solar Sun Date: G183-ADX

The trouble began right after we left Phobos, one of Mars’s moons. I noticed right away that several members of my crew didn’t look so great. We don’t have a medical officer on board, though, so the only option was to turn them over to the medic analytical. T-Ray, Richter, and Zak were all given clean bills of health. At the time, I thought that meant we had nothing to worry about.

I hate being wrong.

Not long after we’d blasted free of Mars’s orbit, an emergency transmission came through. It seems that Phobos was being put under quarantine. People there were feeling the affects of a rare viral outbreak that began with flu-like symptoms before lowering the infected victim’s inhibitions. Even then, I didn’t think it sounded all that bad.

T-Ray was the one who jumped me from behind. The ship was on autopilot, so there’s that to be thankful for. Before I could overpower T-Ray and ask him what the fuck was going on, he tagged me with a stun dart. I didn’t know we had one on board, but it did the trick. My whole body went limp. T-Ray wasted no time in stripping me down. Zak and Richter both joined him by the time I was nude. I was begging T-Ray to let go, but he wouldn’t listen. It was like he and the others were in a trance.

I started to piece things together, then. My crew was infected with the virus that had put Phobos under quarantine. The virus was affecting their minds now that they were past the initial stage. Worse yet, though, it was lowering their sexual inhibitions. The stun dart kept me helpless while they disrobed in front of me. As frightened as I was, at least initially, I had to take a second to appreciate what terrific shape my crew was in.

T-Ray went first. He’d already come prepared with StarSlick, an oil-based lubricant sold exclusively on Phobos. My whole body, weak though it was from the stun dart, shivered as I felt myself sliding down on his thick, rock-hard pole. The lubricant was doing the trick, helping to open up my sphincter. Between that and the stun dart, I was barely feeling any pain at all. I doubt T-Ray cared very much at that moment, though. His fingers dug into the flesh of my soft, round ass and began pumping hard.

Richter and Zak, meanwhile, were taking turns stuffing their cocks down my throat. I was gagging on Richter’s much longer, if thinner than Zak’s, cock when he yanked himself out of my mouth suddenly. Zak took over, keeping me distracted from what Richter was up to. Richter squatted down in front of me between T-Ray’s legs. T-Ray was still pumping his dark, fat dick up into my ass like a jackhammer from the 20th century. It was only when I felt the tip of Richter’s dick against my hole that I began to panic.

I’d never been double-penetrated before. Stretching skin to the tearing point is a phobia of mine. Because of this, I’d never attempted fisting before. My mouth was blocked by Zak’s dick, though, which was lodged deep down my throat. Richter showed no sign of stopping, or caring about what was about to happen to me. In one full thrust, he managed to somehow bury his dick deep inside me next to T-Ray’s fat chocolate cock. I would have never believed that two dicks could fit inside a single asshole so easily before. Perhaps it was the lube, or the stun dart, or a combination of the two. At that point, I would’ve easily believed that I was under the sex virus’s control myself.

Zak’s cock fell out of my mouth and I howled, but that only encouraged T-Ray and Richter. The two fell into a rhythm with one another. When T-Ray would thrust, Richter would pull out slightly. I could feel my asshole stretching like a rubber band. Images of it being torn open filled my terror-stricken mind, yet I couldn’t bring myself to beg either of them to stop. The pain was intense, but so was the pleasure.

Zak began to flog his cock mercilessly in front of me. Like a good bitch, I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out, accepting his load as it splashed from his cock all over my face. The feeling of having his cum bathe me did something to my body. I moved with the same rhythm as T-Ray and Richter, screaming now for them to fuck my ass harder. This drove both members of my crew over the edge, and their cum flooded my bowels like white-hot lava from twin volcanoes. I cried out my own orgasm as my dick erupted, plastering Richter all over the stomach, chest, and hair.

At that moment, I thought it was over. The infected members of my crew were sated, and I’d been given one of the hottest fucks of my life. As with the alien creature, I found that I enjoyed being dominated… overpowered.

I had neglected to take into account, however, the possibility that the rest of my crew had also been exposed.

The sound of our fucking brought Kelly into the room from wherever he’d been up to that point. Jae-El was right behind him. The two stripped down, with Kelly joining the orgy right away while Jae-El mysteriously hung back in a corner. My ass was already gaping open with buckets of cum leaking out. Kelly pushed Richter aside so he could have his turn, knelt down in front of me, and began lapping at the cum that was flowing out.

T-Ray was gaining his second wind by now and started to thrust his still-hard cock in and out of me. Zak pushed me back so that my body was stretched out on top of T-Ray’s, then positioned himself so he could lower his own ass down onto my face. His hairy crack suffocated me for a moment, but I adjusted. Throwing caution to the wind, I lapped hungrily at the sweaty hole pressing down on my face. I could feel T-Ray hammering his cock into me once again while Kelly licked away at the cum still being fucked out of me.

It went on for hours. Each time one of my crew members came, another would take their place. Zak and Kelly spit-roasted me while T-Ray and Richter jerked their loads all over my back. I ended up wearing their cum loads in my hair. Once Kelly filled me with his thick spunk, Zak took his place and pounded a load out of me. I didn’t even have to touch my cock.

Richter finally got a chance at my ass. He fucked me for a good long time, switching back and forth between long, slow strokes and short, hard stabs with his dick. During that time, T-Ray and Zak both tried to stuff their cocks down my throat at the same time.

The whole time, Jae-El watched from the corner, occasionally stroking his long, thick fuckstick. I assumed he was infected the same as the others, but something held him back. Through the haze of having so many men fuck me senseless like a rag doll, I wondered why he didn’t join in.

After Kelly and Richter double-fucked my ass together, T-Ray had one last go at my ass. By the time he was finished, I felt like a dump truck had been driven down my colon. My body was covered from head to toe in cum from each of my crew members’ dicks. My throat felt sore from all the cocks that I’d sucked. My stomach felt bloated from swallowing so many loads, and my balls hurt like a bitch from all the loads I’d spilled myself.

The others began passing out, one after another. I started to panic, thinking they were dead, but movement out the corner of my eye distracted me. Jae-El strode calmly over to where I lay on the floor and gently picked me up, cradling me in his arms.

“They’re okay,” he whispered, as if reading my mind. “The final stage of the virus is a brief period of unconsciousness. They’ll wake up soon with a bad headache, but nothing else.”

I wanted to respond, to ask why he wasn’t affected, but was too exhausted. Jae-El carried me up to the captain’s quarters and, without a word, tucked me into bed.

“Don’t go,” I asked him, grabbing him by the arm when he moved to leave. “Why didn’t…?”

I felt his lips brush my forehead, shutting me up.

“Not now,” he said. “Not like this, but someday.”

And with that, he was gone.

End Log Entry

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Captain’s Log, Solar Sun Date: G184-ADX

Anyone who had been on the run from the One Nation Earth government for a while had heard of Doctor Kay. He was supposed to be some kind of leading authority on genetic replication and robotics out in the asteroid belt. After the big clusterfuck with the Phobos virus, my crew and I decided we needed a vacation. No one knows how to party better than the asteroid best colonies.

It wasn’t easy getting the fake passport codes for everyone, but my crew and I managed. The thought of getting away from everything for a while, especially the government security officers who were still hunting us, kept us motivated. When we arrived on Doctor Kay’s Pleasure Asteroid, it felt like I was stepping off into another world. Two year’s worth of government oppression and being a fugitive melt right off my shoulders. There were bars everywhere, clubs, virtual simulations, clone brothels, and even an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I should have known it was too good to last, though.

The problem with sailing around the solar system in a stolen experimental bio-ship is that said ship tends to attract a lot of unwanted attention. The Bacardi Mix stood out like a sore thumb in the docking bay area. We hadn’t had anyone tag us for a while, though, and I figured we couldn’t have been the only stolen vessel on Doctor Kay’s asteroid. Those were the little white lies I told myself to keep from worrying.

Doctor Kay, however, wasn’t interested in the fact that the Bacardi Mix was stolen. As I’d thought, approximately one-third of the ships in the docking bay were hot. Ours was no exception in that regard, but it was an exceptional ship. Doctor Kay was intrigued by Bacardi Mix and wanted to study the ship personally. He offered to buy it, of course, which was reasonable, but my crew and I weren’t interested in selling.

Unfortunately, living on an asteroid that he ran like his own private kingdom meant that Doctor Kay had grown accustomed to not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Sufficed to say, it wasn’t long before our vacation was cut short.

Interestingly, though, we managed to stay ahead of the good Doctor for a bit. The Bacardi Mix was going nowhere inside of the docking bay. Being a bio-ship, it contained detailed bio-metric scans of each crew member, especially the captain. The Bacardi Mix wouldn’t allow anyone on board itself without my express permission, meaning Doctor Kay was royally fucked in that regard.

Unluckily for us, however, the doctor had already thought of that. All he needed was a DNA sample from me to clone tissue and make a duplicate. The odds were good that Bacardi Mix would not know the difference between the real me and a clone. We had just evaded Doctor Kay’s Staffelbots and were boarding the Bacardi Mix amid massive laser fire when the doctor sent in a wave of clones. It was surreal seeing so many copies of myself all in one place. It was even stranger watching my crew shoot laser rounds through them.

Doctor Kay had spared no expense with the cloning process. There had to be at least a hundred, maybe two, and all were fighting tooth and nail to get aboard the Bacardi Mix. I gave the order to fall back to the ship. There was no point in us fighting the clones if we didn’t have to. However, our retreat meant that the clones were able to press forward. Bacardi Mix opened it’s hatch at my command, and that was the clone’s cue to rush forward.

It was a stampede of human cloned flesh. Dozens of versions of me pushed forward. I felt myself being snatched up and shoved backward through the hull entrance. In the confusion, I lost sight of my crew. There were hands everywhere, grabbing at my uniform and tearing away at strips of it. I could feel each of them gripping me, touching my bare skin, running their fingers all over me. The heat from each of their bodies was overwhelming. The inside of the ship suddenly felt like a sauna. I tried shouting orders to Bacardi Mix, but one of the clones gagged me with their fist.

In the confusion, I hadn’t noticed that the clones were beginning to strip themselves down as well.

It was a madhouse after that. The ship rocked back and forth as the clones thrust like crazy into one another. I’d never seen anything like it. I’d never been a part of anything like that before, either. Even when the crew gang fucked me under the influence of the Phobos sex virus couldn’t compare to the clone orgy. I tasted my own flesh, my own sweat, my own ass, and my own cum from someone else’s body. It was incredible.

The clones only had a life expectancy of a couple of hours. Doctor Kay hadn’t designed them for long life spans. All the fucking we were during burned them up even faster. My crew was able to hold off Doctor Kay’s forces in the meantime. Furthermore, clone flesh was a viable commodity on the black market, so we made a profit off the whole affair.

Still, it would have been nice if one or two of the clones had lived a while longer. I find I rather enjoyed being able to go fuck myself, and vice-versa.

End Log Entry

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Captain’s Log, Solar Sun Date: G185-ADX

As a rule, I don’t like it when other people shoot at me.

Even when those ‘other people’ are robots and genetically engineered soldiers, it gets annoying. My crew and I have just completed a supply run for one of Jupiter’s moons. I can’t say which moon, or what we were carrying. The people responsible made us sign a DNA contract prohibiting the dissemination of any information involving the job.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have taken the job because of that, but the pay was amazing. I don’t think we’ve been in the black since we escaped from Earth. To celebrate, I’ve decided to take my crew to Titan, Saturn’s moon, for a much-needed rest.

There are two things that make Titan awesome: the first is that the One Nation Earth government has no influence there, at least officially. The second thing is that Jasun Starmark lives there.

I’ve been following Starmark’s work since it first made its way to Earth five years ago. Jasun Starmark owns and runs his own porn company on Titan. He’s the head and chief director. One of the most famous scenes he directed involved a triple-penetration scene shot in zero gravity. The Earth Grabby Awards gave him three trophies for that alone. He and I have stayed in touch with each other since I fled Earth. He’s a pretty approachable guy with a terrific sense of humor.

Starmark’s been trying to get me to feature in one of his porn movies since we became friends. The fact that Titan is so far from Earth and costs a bundle to travel under normal circumstances kept me away. Now, though, I’m a free agent. I’m the captain of my own ship (even if it is technically stolen). My YouTube days as the Gay Comic Geek may be behind me, but with an opportunity like this, I think it’s high time I take Starmark up on his offer.

We arrived on Titan without incident. None of the security drones or officers gave us a hard time at the boarding docks. I had messaged Jasun beforehand so he would know to expect me. The rest of my crew was given permission to take shore leave and party hard. None of them were suspicious about why I was going off by myself. I’d already made up an excuse about needing some personal time to myself. We’re a pretty sociable bunch, but the urge to be by myself does kick in from time to time.

Jae-El seemed pleased by this turn of events. He explained that he’d already made plans with someone ahead of time and was looking forward to meeting up with them. I didn’t press for details. It’s not that I’m ashamed of being in porn. I love the idea.

However, the reality of something can prove very different from what a person expects. I honestly don’t know how this is going to turn out. If it happens that I’m not cut out to be a porn star, there’s no harm or foul, and no one needs to know about it. If I flub this, I’d rather my crew not know. It’d be pretty fucking embarrassing.

Starmark said he’d be waiting for me at the studio. I’d never been there before, so it was an experience just getting to be there. The studio is located in the central region of the Cairo District in Saturn-Cisco, Titan’s capital city. I was a little underwhelmed when I first spotted the studio building across the street. It was a plain, almost drab seven-story building nestled in-between two other, much taller buildings. The Cairo District had a very old, 20th century vibe to it, so the buildings were all square layouts building alongside each other like dominoes. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this was the place where some of my favorite porno movies had been filmed.

That changed once I got inside. The interior was sleek and very posh. Posters and holograms of the studio’s biggest stars hung everywhere alongside promos advertising some of the studio’s big releases. A receptionist droid greeted me as I entered through the main doors. Once I’d gotten over my shock and awe, I gave her my name and ID number. It turns out that Starmark was expecting me, and had given her orders to send me up to the top floor the minute I arrived.

As bad as it sounds, I enjoyed being given the star treatment for a change.

Starmark was in a meeting, but had an aid give me the grand tour while he wrapped up his business with some new hire. One whole floor had hologram vids running in real time of guys fucking each other. The aid explained that the studio ran live holograms of models having sex in real time for people willing to shell out the credits. I’d never been able to afford it, so it wasn’t a feature of theirs that I’d paid attention to, but seeing it happen behind the scenes was an experience.

All of my favorite porn crushes were out and about. I got to shake hands with over a dozen men that I’d jerked my meat to over and over again. By the time Starmark was done with his meeting and had found me again, I had porn stardust in my eyes.

Things got kind of boring after that. There were contracts to give my DNA print to, tests to run to ensure I was disease-free and capable of performing, and a solo shoot to see whether or not I could keep my dick hard while on camera. It was a lot of hard work, but I actually had fun showing off a bit while being filmed. Starmark was very encouraging, saying I had a natural presence on camera. That helped out quite a bit.

Starmark wanted me to make a big impression for my feature film. There was a film he’d been planning for a while called Beyond The Dark about a crew of travelers that get lost in space. My role was that I would be captured at one point by space pirates and force-fucked by the pirate captain.

The irony was not lost on me.

To make things more interesting, Starmark thought that I should be blindfolded during the scene. To keep the intensity real, he suggested I be blindfolded before entering the set so I wouldn’t know who my co-star was. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed at first. I’d been anxious about who I was working with for the scene, and the name was no one I recognized. Starmark explained that it was a guy who’d worked with him on and off for a few years. The guy had lived on Earth, so making the trip wasn’t something he’d been able to afford a lot of. Now, it seemed, he was working out in the farther regions of the solar system and wanted to return to the business. I might have been bothered back on Earth by the idea of having sex with a stranger while blindfolded, but being in space had helped broaden my horizons.

So, I said ‘yes’.

The shoot was scheduled to take place the next day. My crew was out partying to their heart’s content, and I was ready to make my big debut in the world of Splack Cinema. Starmark had me arrive bright and early so I could have my hair done, my body painted so that I would resemble something more ‘alien’, and my colon cleaned out.

That last part wasn’t fun at all.

The glamour of the porn industry was rubbing off by now, but I was still getting into things. Starmark gave me a run-through of the script, my lines, and where I was expected to stand at different points. It was nice, I’ll admit, to be pretending that people were shooting at me for a change, instead of the real thing.

Finally, my big moment came. One of the stage hands led me away so that the make-up crew could touch up my green body paint. Then I was blindfolded and led back to the set where several crew members tied me up with restraints. I gave the restraints a few tugs to test their tightness out of reflex. People around me were moving about, so much so that I couldn’t get a beat on where my co-star was. Starmark yelled for the crew to clear away, though, and a moment later, yelled ‘action!’

The mood shifted all at once. Suddenly, I didn’t feel like I was on a sound stage at a porn studio. I really did feel like I was being held captive on a ship somewhere out in the vast reaches of space. I could hear footsteps coming closer. The sound of hard boot soles striking against the metal grate that served as the floor rang out through the air.

Without warning, a hand brushed against my exposed side. I felt fingers tickle the ribs tucked away behind muscle and flesh. The fingertips lingered, as if savoring the feel of my skin.

The sound of the footfalls continued. Whoever it was circled me like a predator. I felt eyes on me the whole time. Jasun Starmark and his film crew had vanished from my mind. I was alone with this stranger, this space pirate, who’d ordered me tied up like a sacrificial pig so he could violate me to his heart’s content. My heart was pounding. Sweat poured out of the pores of my skin. I could feel my breath coming quicker now. My arms ached to be free. I wanted to run, to hide, to find safety somewhere.

But stronger than that was the impulse to stay, to see what this stranger would do to me. Thoughts filled my head of what he might do to my body. Those thoughts made my cock rock-hard. When his fingertips brushed my skin again, this time across the chest below my nipples, a whimper escaped my throat.

That sound must’ve set him off. Suddenly, his hands were all over me. I felt him touching me everywhere. His hands tore at the costume that I’d been sewn into. Briefly, I wondered if somebody was going to be pissed over that. That train of thought stopped once I felt his fingers press hard against my hole. It felt like he was trying to force his way inside of me. There was pain, and I cried out, but the sounds were more like moans and whimpers. I thought I was trying to protest, but even I thought I was egging the dude on. Each time a new strip of my costume got ripped away, I gasped. My dick leaked like a faucet, but he ignored that. For some reason, this guy was more interested in touching my body than just my cock. It was strange, like he was hungry for it. I almost got the feeling he’d been waiting to for a long time, but that wasn’t likely. We didn’t know each other.

To my surprise, I heard him get down on his knees. A second later, my cock was down his throat. I hadn’t expected him to blow me, but he sucked on my dick like it was feeding him. At the same time, his hands played with my balls and ass. I loved the way his hands cradled each of my nuts. One minute, he would be rough as fuck, making me shout. The next minute, he was so tender and gentle with them.

The feeling of his fingers working their way into my ass helped distract me whenever he squeezed my nutsack too hard. The first finger went in easy, but the second took more work. By the time he got his third finger inside of me, I was gasping for air. His middle finger was working across my prostate, driving me bonkers. When the last digit broke past my sphincter and joined the others, I couldn’t hold back anymore and screamed.

That seemed to be his cue. Without warning or a word, he stood up and yanked all four fingers out of my ass. I felt myself being turned around hard. The supports holding me up were making my arms feel numb. The sudden movement made me dizzy, so I wasn’t prepared for when his cock rammed straight up my ass all at once.

I would have screamed again, but he didn’t give me time. We were fucking like wild broncos in seconds. My ass was ridden like a space cowboy who’d been taken down before Orion’s Belt. My head swam. Sweat soaked into the blindfold I was wearing. I couldn’t think straight. All the mass fuckings that I’d been involved in since leaving Earth–the alien, my crew, the clone orgy–none of them compared to this.

I couldn’t help myself: I begged. I pleaded. I screamed and howled for more, and he gave it. We were raising all sorts of hell together. Our screams and grunts, the sounds of our flesh hitting each other, reverberated off the walls. If I’d ever been one with a person before, now was that moment. I couldn’t bear the thought of stopping. Whoever it was behind me, claiming my ass for himself, I wanted him to do it to me over and over again.

When his balls finally emptied, I was on my fourth cum. I felt his cock pop free of my ass and sighed, half with relief and half with disappointment. It felt like a meteor had been stuffed up my butt. To my surprise, the guy whipped me back around again and went down on my dick without a word. In mere moments, my fourth load was flowing down his throat. The other three were spilled all over the floor, but I didn’t care. I’d just had the best sex of my life and couldn’t wait to find out who it was with.

Starmark yelled for ‘cut’, breaking the spell. Suddenly, I was back at the studio and the crew was helping me down out of the restraints. Someone yanked off the blindfold for me. The minute my eyes were uncovered and had adjusted to the sudden brightness, I began looking around. I was desperate to see who my co-star had been.

And then I saw him.

“That was great,” Jae-El said, smiling. “I told you it would happen some day.”

It had. And it did.

Again and again. I have a new bunk mate in the captain’s quarters, and Jae-El has a new position on the Bacardi Mix.

Life is sweet. Sometime’s it can be rough, but there are moments that make it worth it. Like finding someone who leaves you breathless every night and first thing in the morning.

Over. And over. And over again.

End Log.