Cut to the Chase – UNCUT Joe Gage TitanMen movie review

Here’s my thoughts on TitanMen’s movie, Cut to the Chase!

This was directed by Joe Gage, and it was fucking awesome as all hell! Check out my review:

This movie stars: Dirk Caber


Dario Beck



Anthony London


JD Phoenix


Mike Tanner


And Dolan Wolfe


2 thoughts on “Cut to the Chase – UNCUT Joe Gage TitanMen movie review

  1. There was always something I found a little sexy about robocop when he had his helmet on and all you could see was his lips.

    I’m also with you there on Dirk Caber he’s hot, built, has a well groomed but still furry face/chest, and the way he smiles, he just seems like a nice guy under all of that.

  2. I have major lust for Dirk Caber. I think he’s super-hot!

    Nice Guardians Tee. 🙂

    I think I prefer Gage’s films on Ray Dragon to those on Titan, though the ones that Gage does for Titan are GOOD. It’s just that Gage can push the envelope further on Ray Dragon than with Titan, and I like what he does and how he does it in that regard.

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