Yeah, I’m sure you’re looking at my hair! Just because, why not?



9 thoughts on “Damn, I have bed hair

  1. Now again why aren’t you in any of the porn i download? Don’t you look “cocky”! Love that tats!

  2. When the hell are you gonna stop teasing, and just whip that fucker out? Just one pic, that’s all I ask!

  3. Looking amazing there Paul, whatever workout routine you have is burning off all that nutella. 😀 and I love that your phone and boxers match.

  4. Well it was something super I was looking at, not sure if it was your hair. Must have been morning wood.

  5. OK, You don’t mean to tell me that all the porn guys who you talk about don’t want to nail you. Give them half a chance and you know that if you ran into your favorite porn guys they would love to give you hard cock.

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