Detective Comics #939, Action Comics #962, Star Wars #22 – Comic Load 8/24/2016

Comic Load 8 26 2016 (2).Movie_Snapshot

It’s comic book day! Huge day in Detective Comics #962, plus great comics in Action Comics as well. Awesome comic book day!

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2 thoughts on “Detective Comics #939, Action Comics #962, Star Wars #22 – Comic Load 8/24/2016

  1. Me too on Marvel heroes killing! Is it shock value, is it to be edgy and dark? I just don’t like it. I’m really curious to see where Wonder Woman is going…mostly. I guess I’m also a little nervous that it’s going to be this big thing that makes no sense and doesn’t really fit.

    I’ve also been reading Alan Moore’s “Providence” mostly for the gay main character. Totally into him at first, and slowly I’ve seen where it’s going…. I kind of wish I hadn’t started it, but now that I see the train wreck coming, I can’t look away. I’m not sure if the story is compelling and good and that’s why I’ve been really drawn in to it…or if I’m a really bad person for wanting to ride it to the end. I think I’m really just looking for closure so I can move on with my life.

  2. What is it with Marvel heroes killing? First Hawkeye, now Captain America?! I don’t know where this story is going. I’m not too thrilled with both the Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson Cap comics. I enjoyed Titans a lot and hope that last page isn’t really a death. Wonder Woman was great and shirtless Steve Trevor is always appreciated. I got a new comic called E.V.I.L. Heroes which has an evil “Justice League” destroy major cities. It was interesting enough for me to check out the next issue.

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