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Just in, Raging Stallions new movie – Dick Moves. Directed by Steve Cruz and starring the super badass Bravo Delta.


If you’re unaware of this, Bravo has done lots of Xtube vids and scenes for Cocky Boys. I love this guy! Check out his scene with Raging Stallions as an exclusive. Looks like he’ll be doing a lot more in the coming months.

Check out my review, below. When you’re done, see the full movie at: RagingStallions.com

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This movie also stars: Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds

Sebastian Kross

Sebastian Kross

Boom Banks

Boomer Banks

Chris Harder

Chris Harder

Mike De Marco

Mike De Marco

3 thoughts on “Dick Moves – Raging Stallions Monster Bang UNCUT Movie Review

  1. This is a great movie. I love bravo delta, he is one of my favorite performers. you should check the scenes he did for deviantotter. He did one with deviantotter and one with deviantotter and max Cameron. And mike demarco is another. You should really write that supernatural parody for men and have dean and sam be stepbrothers so they can have a scene together. Btw are you continuing the reviews for Lucio saints city boys? I only can find the first 4 parts of 8.

  2. Another great review, Paul. I noticed that part of the scenes were visible through the yellow in the s-shield in your shirt. Pretty funny.

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