Stealth Fuckers 6 2.Movie_Snapshot

The Stealth Fuckers series from is not done yet! Here is the 6th installment into this series. Landon Mycles returns, but this time he’s joined by Brendon Phillips and Brendon’s girlfriend (small cameo scene).

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This Scene Stars: Landon Mycles

Landon Mycles

And Brendan Phillips

Brendan Phillips

3 thoughts on “Stealth Fuckers Part 6 – UNCUT Scene Review from

  1. “Debonifies”? Is that going to become a new word that you use?

    Being bi, I’m not bothered at all by a naked women. The thing that DID turn me off, however, was that the character the actress played had such a bitchy attitude. Her shrieking did nothing to turn me on.

    I remember Landon back when he was with Next Door and Suite703. He went by Marcus Mojo at that time (mostly).

    Good review, and, oh! Just for the record, when a guy likes a girl to fuck him using a strap-on or a dildo, that’s called ‘pegging’.

    1. I was trying to remember the other name he did porn under. Glad to see he’s back (and a little hairier this time). 🙂

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