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One of the newest movies from TitanMen – Double Exposure, was recently released. This stars the awesomely badass Tyler Rush! Good movie, definitely has a Jasun Mark directed feel for it.

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This Movie Stars: Tyler Rush


Dirk Caber


Hans Berlin

Hans Berlin

Hunter Marx

Hunter Marx

Felix Barca

Felix Barca

Christopher Daniels

Chris Daniels

2 thoughts on “Double Exposure – TitanMen UNCUT Movie Review

  1. Gingerbread

    Synopsis: Hans Berlin and his co-star (a male porn actor named Gretel) go into the woods one afternoon for some hot outdoor splacking action. Along the way (and after they’ve fucked each other brainless), they find that they’ve gotten lost. Luckily, the two lovers happen upon a cabin deeper in the woods. Since there’s no cell phone reception and their GPS navigators aren’t working properly, they decide to knock on the door and ask if they can borrow a phone. The resident of the cabin, a hunky lumbersexual, claims that there is no working phone, but that he can drive them back into town the following morning. Hans and Gretel accept the offer to stay for the night, and at different points, each ends up being unfaithful to their partner with the lumbersexual cabin owner. Later on, though, it is revealed that the owner of the cabin is actually (DA-DUM!) a criminal on the run, and that the REAL owner has been held hostage in the basement. Hans and Gretel free the guy, fight off the imposter, save the day, and have hot threeway sex with the owner of the cabin at the end as a reward for saving him.

    Whadaya think, Paul?

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