DILFs are hot. I need to give them a lot more credit

Recently was messaging with a former TitanMen performer and I realized, I don’t give enough credit to hot dads. Here’s a couple pics I’ve found here and there. Again, some of these may be Facebook friends, but I thought I’d add them in the mix.

9 thoughts on “DILFs are hot. I need to give them a lot more credit

  1. Who hasn’t been pounded at least once by a muscle daddy? I had a total bottom friend. He had a big daddy friend. He dropped by when I was at my friend’s place. He fucked my friend for a bit then wanted me to take a turn. I was on top of my friend when the daddy came up behind me. I realized he was going to slide his cock in. I had only bottomed a few times then. I had never been pounded like that before. It was intense. He was laying Ass up later on. I climbed on him and slid my cock between his cheeks. My friend pushed down on my cock and I slid in. I pulled out almost right away. My friend grabbed my cock again. I leaned forward and my cock slid in. The daddy just said man it is a hard cock. His butt was all muscle. I thrust as hard as I could. It was draining.

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