Sermon not Semen – Bound Gods UNCUT Gay Priest Scene Review

Over at there is a Bound Gods series that has lots of kinky stuff going on. I just found out today that there was a Catholic Priest scene that was made with Doug Acre and Hayden Richards. And holy fuck, it was hot and wrong at the same time!

I loved it and I hope they do more like this! Check out my video review below and then check out the full scene a: and look for Gay- Bound Gods.

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This scene stars: Doug Acre (as the first naughty Priest

Doug Acre

And Hayden Richards

Hayden Richards

3 thoughts on “Sermon not Semen – Bound Gods UNCUT Gay Priest Scene Review

  1. There are some very religious folks that take their religion very seriously – even if they are not homophobic or negative toward others. There are folks of all stripes just consider some “things” to be very “WRONG”, even to the point that explaining why it is wrong is difficult. There are some folks that love to “bring down” authority figures of all kinds. All of us have ideas about what is sexual and what turns us on! As well as ideas of things that are not viewed as sexual. There are things that plenty of us will say “Yes” to, and plenty of things that plenty will say “No Splacking Way!”, and plenty of stuff in the middle. That happens whether a person is gay, straight, queer, or any where else in the spectrum. We are diverse and our diversity is our strength!

  2. I would love to see tons of guys shoot their cum all over a crucifix or a statue of Jesus. It would be great to see Jesus with tons of cum dripping off him. I know a lot of guys who fantisize about sex in the apse of a church.

  3. I was never exposed to the Catholic lifestyle growing up. As such, I have less of a ‘priest’ thing and more of a ‘minister’ thing. Sadly, you don’t seen nearly as much of these. I think the hottest ‘minister’ gay sex scene I ever watched was in Joe Gage’s movie, “Dad Gets Into Trouble”.

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