Fight Club 3 – #1 Dark Horse Comics – Jason Todd vs Damian – Comic Load 1/30/2019

It’s comic book day! We have the first issue of Fight Club 3 #1 from Dark Horse comics out. This is written by Fight Club writer, Chuck Palahniuk and damn is this a confusing issue. Clearly Tyler Durden is still alive and kicking and we have a new magic…painting frame…or something? It’s just the first issue, so I think we are all suppose to be confused. I do have hope that this will be explained. In Teen Titans Annual #1 – We also get to see Damian Wayne getting his ass kicked by Red Hood Jason, that was epic! Also, in Flash Annual #2 – Impulse is FINALLY trying to figure out what the hell happened in the DC Universe and sees that everything is different. I really hope that this is explored. All this and more in this attached video. What’s your load look like?

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