Fall of Grayskull – Movie Review (Fan Made Movie)

Fall of Grayskull MOVIE FINAL (5).Movie_Snapshot

The Fall of Grayskull movie is out! If you head over to FallofGrayskull.com, you can see the full movie of the Fall of Grayskull. This was a fan made movie that was more intense and accurate than any other Masters of the Universe movie/video that has been made. It was insanely awesome and great in so many ways. Check out the movie when you can get a chance. There is a prequel comic book that also goes along with this movie to explain the set up of what is happening.

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1 thought on “Fall of Grayskull – Movie Review (Fan Made Movie)

  1. This was a lot better than I thought it would be. I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought they had the perfect person for He-Man. I agree that Tri-Klops was just about perfect. I wish Teela was portrayed as a stronger warrior but what are you gonna do. I’m hoping they do a sequel.

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