Shameless – Season 6 Starts Up This Weekend!

Ian and Mickey Bloody

Shameless Season 6 returns back to Showtime on 1/10/2016. Granted the first episode has already aired and many have already seen it. I am going to wait till it airs, just to space out the eps as much as possible. Although I’ve already seen some images here and there and have been spoiled with some other posts that I have read, but that’s on me for looking at these spoilers.

Ian and Mickey

This is one of my favorite shows of all time. Originally I saw just an image of Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher) having a very rough fight/sex scene with Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) and I instantly wanted to know everything about the series. I surprisingly fell for the whole cast and the series as a whole. I did get irritated with the lead matriarch, Fiona, and the series constant spotlighting of her character’s love life and her ‘will they or won’t they’ mentality. Especially because she was her own worst enemy and sabotaged most of her relationships. She also became very similar to her worst nightmare, which was becoming her father. But that is beside the point.

Ian and Mickey Fight2

Seasons 1-3 built up an incredible relationship between the closeted Mickey and the somewhat outed Ian. Mickey was from a very rough family that abused him and hardened him to the point of not allowing any emotion other than hate seem in. Ian, who was also from a hardened family, but at least he received the care and support from his siblings or half siblings/half cousins (long story, their mother slept with the Frank’s brother). The series slowly progressed their relationship to having Ian chase after Mickey but then reversing this status in season 4 with Mickey chasing after Ian. When Mickey outs himself, I nearly jumped in the air in excitement at how he did it and the reactions from everyone around him. Unfortunately Season 5 was a huge mess and regrettably, Ian and Mickey were mostly put on the backburner with very little screen time.

UK Mickey and Ian
The current Shameless is based on a UK version of the same name. Yes, I watched all 11 seasons of that show as well. However, the UK version is vastly different. The first season of the American Shameless parallels the UK version closely but then goes into a completely different direction. The UK version kept having the actors leave the show one by one, and sometimes with very little explanation. The UK Shameless is still a great a show but I felt like the focus was on the Gallagher family for a couple seasons and but then redirected the focus onto the community where they lived instead. Ian and Mickey had very little romance with Ian’s sexuality shifting from season to season and Mickey having a bestiality thing at the beginning. No seriously, that was revealed. In fact, Mickey’s character was mostly a joke throughout a lot of the series and it felt almost insulting at how he was treated. At least until the last season that he was involved in and then his character was given a good send off. Otherwise though, Mickey and Ian were not a thing with the exception of a couple sexual encounters and Mickey loving Ian from afar. The series concluded in 2013.

First Kiss 1
I am hoping that this upcoming U.S. 6th season will be different from season 5. I know that Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan both have very busy schedules. They have both done many other misc things as well in the past year. Some notable things include Fisher being the voice of Michelangelo on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies and Monaghan was a supposed candidate for to be the Joker on the show Gotham. So their characters will never be the main focus of Shameless just based on time constraints alone. But I do hope that the writers acknowledge that Fiona’s story should not be the main focus of the show anymore.

Shameless Group

I made this montage video below at the end of season 4. It spotlights all of the Ian and Mickey scenes. Anyways, are you a fan of Shameless?

Ian & Mickey Shameless Music Montage – Gay Storyline from Seasons 1 to 4 from GayComicGeek on Vimeo.