Finn from Glee is dead?! Actor Cory Monteith found dead in hotel room

I haven’t been liking Glee as much this past season but I definitely think it’s incredibly depressing to hear when anyone passes away. It’s particularly worse to hear about people in general that have substance abuse issues and lose their battle with this sickness. Cory was battling his substance issues for some time and he was found in his hotel room dead. At this time it seems as though drugs are not known to be the cause, but they have not been ruled out either. I say all this since I am a substance abuse counselor and I’ve seen many people not succeed in changing their life around. I don’t want to defend drug users since they do make their own decisions on their life but I do know that many people have mental illnesses that either result from continued drug use or they have been self medicating to help cope with their sickness. I don’t know his situation but I do feel for his friends and family. Read the article here at


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  1. I didn’t consider myself a Gleek, but I enjoyed what I watched of Kyle XY, which this actor featured in before becoming a star on Glee.

    This hit you pretty hard, I’m thinking.


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