From this angle, it looks like my pecs are huge. Yeah I know what else you can see. I still have some weight I have to lose from the holidays. But one week in- working out every day and no junk food for 8 days straight, not too bad. Let’s see how next week looks.



40 thoughts on “From this angle, my pecs look huge!

  1. Holy throbbin’ Robin cock shot, Boy Wonder!!! Why not see if you can turn the extra weight into muscle. A bit bigger and buffer GCG might be interesting and even hotter than you all ready are. I’m just sayin’.

    1. I try to have a little muscle, but I’m not trying to be huge or anything. Usually I try to stay lean and cut. But I could use a little more muscle.

      1. dude your hot as you are. almost all of your fans wants you. I know it might seem like u have to have a little more here and there but your fine as you are.

  2. Wow, thats something batman would love to chow down on. Pecs look beautiful too. I think its about time you made a scene or 2.

  3. I never realized your bulge was that big and your cock so beautifully shaped with this juicy
    head!Yeah the rest of the body’s nice too, u could star in some of the things u review!

  4. nice dude love to be the camera right now and you look amazing keep it up bud. maybe one of these days i can get a pic of us together at a convention.

  5. Looking great Paul. Your chest looks awesome. As does your big dick. I love a show off. Have you ever posted all your stats? ALL of your stats? 😉

  6. You are a very sexy guy, Paul. But, I still think its more than just your body. You come off like an honest guy who loves his friends, his comics and, of course, sex. You’re genuine and original. There are a lot of guys out there who have great bodies but you have the whole package. From what I can see, as a fan, you’re a beautiful guy inside and out. Keep up the great work!!!

  7. Your pecs do look huge from that angle. They look good from any angle, but from that angle, between them and your massive suckable barely contained cock, you look like you’d fit right into a Patrick Fillion comic, maybe right between Naked Justice and Space Cadet. 😉

    Keep up the great work dude, it’s certainly paid off and you’ve got a lot of people rooting for you. (also rooting for you in even more revealing clothes I’m sure.)

    On a parting note I think it’s cute that you’re dressed left in one pic and dressed right in the other.

    1. I’m actually dressed the to the same side but the first pic is a direct pic and the second pic is a mirror pic. So it’s reversed and it looks like i moved my dick to the other side. But now I wish I had did that

  8. HOLY HUGE Package Batman!! Like if you had to make me drool even more I wish I looked like that after the holidays or any days LOL!! Dam your HOT Paul!!

    1. Oh thanks, but I’ve been doing cardio for almost 2 hours for 8 days and working out and eating nothing but baked fish, chicken, salad and brown rice. I’m still not what I was before Thanksgiving. I have another 8 pounds of fat to lose. I’ll get there by the end of January. Thanks dude!

  9. Looking very hot, Paul! I think you’re getting closer to the nude pics that everyone is requesting!

      1. If you put up nudes I think the Internet might crash from the volume of people clicking to see them!!

    1. All I do is push ups. Lots and lots of push ups. At least 100 a day on non-chest days, and the days I do dedicate to chest, I do close to 1500 push-ups. THey’re all different ways of doing push-ups and some of them have weights on my back too. But push-ups are awesome. I only work out at home, so I get really creative.

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