Kissing is important to me. In fact, it’s more important than actual sex. If a guy can’t kiss right…eh…

Sex is important, but guys that can’t kiss are so boring. I like passionate kisses. Tender kisses can be good…sometimes. But I can’t stand those kisses that involve ‘lips that are almost non-physicalyl rigid.’ Does that make sense? Like I don’t like those kisses with lips that are almost not physically involved. Like they’re present but they might as well be pieces of flesh that don’t move and are just fleshy cushions. And those kisses where they are just two mouths opened and pressed together. Those also suck. I like strong kisses. Not necessarily rough lip-locks, but a strong kiss to let the person know that they care about you. What do you guys think?

7 thoughts on “Kissing is important to me. In fact, it’s more important than actual sex. If a guy can’t kiss right…eh…

  1. Totally agree with everyone’s posts. If a guys can’t kiss well it’s actually a turn off. It comes down to basics…

    1. Thank you! The actual kissing part of a relationship is so important. It lays the groundwork for future activities and how they all work together

  2. Being a good kisser is essential. Kissing is usually the start of something. You can have that first touch where there’s sparks of energy, but to me, things don’t really start to heat up until you lock lips. Kissing is the vital way to ensure the first jolt you felt was something worth devoting your time toward.

  3. You are totally RIGHT kissing has to be there and it must be good and passionate. Nothing like that feeling right before a first kiss especially when it explodes into passion!

  4. Open mouths pressed together with no tongue, sounds like “Hollywood kisses,” to me. Apparently movie etiquette for screen kisses is to simulate kissing without actual tongues meeting. But there’s no reason to do that in real life.

    I love kissing and can’t understand those guys I meet who claim not to like kissing. It actually annoys me when I’m with guys and they don’t want to kiss.

  5. Totally agree. A bad kiss can kill any hard-on. I’ve had to stop and sort of “teach” someone how to kiss me, and have stopped more than once for the zombie kisser (the “I’m doing this only because it gets me laid” types). That’s why porn is sometimes a lackluster affair to me. :s

  6. I agree totally. Men kissing who aren’t into it is not a turn on. Its incredibly hot to see two guys really going for it and clearly enjoying it. Gets me hard every time.

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