Game of Thrones – The Red Woman – What did you think? (SPOILERS)

Jon Snow
So what did you think? Seeing the corpse of Jon Snow was very heartbreaking. I was happy that his Dire Wolf, Ghost, was still alive. I thought for sure that Snow’s executors would have killed him. But the whole time I was just saying in my head – the Lady Melisandre- Red Woman/Witch – “Do the one thing that you can do, and bring him back to life!” It’s the only reason I want her around. Of course the big reveal at the end with her character totally fucked with me and I was like, WHAT!!!!

The display with Brienne being a badass and seeing her save Sansa was great. That part made me cheer. She’s just about the last of the good guys that’s still noble and has a chance at defending herself. Any other noble person in the show is dead or defenseless.

I am interested in the story with Arya, but I feel like she is more of a backburner story that will come into fruition later in the season. I am glad that Brienne and Sansa are concerned for her safety. At this point, it looks like the siblings will never reunite again. But there are still many more episodes to come and future seasons.
Daenerys Targaryen

Everyone is probably assuming that Daenerys will be saved by her dragon, Drogon, will save her from the Dothraki that have captured her. But that would be too easy. There will probably be a much more complicated method for her eventual escape and probably conquering of the Dothraki. Eventually she will return to Westeros. But there is a good chance that she will have the full control over the Essos continent first. That’s my theory at least.

For once, I want Cersai to be a bitch. I want her to get revenge on that fucking cult and to totally annihilate them. Not only for putting her through everything that she has gone through but also because of personal vindication. The religion, like many religions, are self gratifying and insane in concept but like many religions, is also anti-gay apparently. Also, to see her wage war with the women of Dorne. Now that her daughter was killed by them and the reigning prince is dead, it looks like there will be some retribution throughout the season.

We also got Tyrion Lannister, the one good Lannisters, and his buddy Varys make an appearance, but nothing too memorable. Bran Stark has been shown in previews but did not make an appearance. I miss Hodor. I hope they have a role that is worthwhile this season. I suppose we are suppose to forget about the youngest Stark son, Rickon Stark. Let’s just hope he’ll show up at the end of the series.

So what did you think? I know I missed some stuff and I’ll probably re-watch it again tonight. This is just a small summary of the season premiere. I enjoyed it and I think it was great at the end, and it definitely made me want more. Minor disappointments that we did not get more, but it’s how the show works. Are you excited about the season?
Game of thrones Bitch