Nathan Fillion will be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2!

Captain Hammer

Oh my glob! Over at, they are showing a series of pictues with Nathan Fillion as a very famous “actor” in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie with shots of him in fake movies that was created solely for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So it has been realized that Marvel has cast Nathan Fillion, better known as Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, also known as Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds from Firefly, the voice of Hal Jordan on several DC Animated movies, the evil priest Caleb in the Buffy the Vampire movies and an all around nerdy goofy geeky guy cute guy as movie star, sometimes self centered, often times very conceited hottie- Simon Williams. Also known as Wonder Man. YES!!! I’m so ok with this decision. Well done Marvel! But will he be in the movie as an actual character or just be referenced as an easter egg for a future movie?

Wonder Man 2

Who is Wonder Man you may be asking? He is the brother to a villain named the Grim Reaper (not THE Grim Reaper), but also Simon is a long time Avenger. His powers sometimes fluctuate between having super strength and invulnerability that was granted to him through experimentation that had to do with ionic based powers. His strength is in the limits of being able taking on Thor. Sometimes however, these ionic powers are more energy based and ‘leak’ out, giving him the appearance of an energy being and being able to use these ionic powers in the form of energy blasts. I doubt we will see that in this movie, if Wonder Man even really shows up, but it is a possibility.

Nathan Captain Hammer

Regardless though, I am happy about this. This is great news! We have no way of knowing whether or not Simon Williams will make any real appearance, but at least Marvel is acknowledging he exists. Which I am happy about. I know from everything that I have followed on Nathan Fillion’s postings that he is a huge nerd and he jumps at the chance for anything geeky related. So this could be potentially awesome! What do you think?

Nathan Firefly