Gay Themed Horror Movies – Are there any good ones?

It’s Halloween season! What’s a good gay horror movie? I ask this every year hoping that a new gay movie that’s notable will come out. There are many homoerotic gay movies that have been aired or have later been identified as being gay.


A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 is probably one of the most popular and memorable of the gay homoerotic movies. The film had a gay man in the lead role as the hero, which that in itself traditionally goes to a woman. And there were tons of gay sexual references throughout the film. This even includes the main character going to a leather bar and meeting his gym teacher there.


Jeepers Creepers 2 is an often overlooked homoerotic movie. The guys in this movie are all super hunk basketball players who are being hunted down by the monster of the movie – The Creeper. We get to see these guys all peeing together, which I didn’t know was a thing except in gay porn. They also hang out together with their shirts off on a sweaty bus with very few females around. The Creeper even seems to lust after a couple of them a bit more than others and it seems like he’s only going after the males.


Does the movie the Covenant count as a horror movie? It has SUPERMAN hottie- Sebastian Stan (the Winter Soldier) and there’s all kinds of gayness going on. Lots of naked shower scenes, the absence of any real female characters, and a forced male on male kiss. But the movie itself is anything but horror related. Just witchcraft hunky hot warlocks.


The movie Hellbent seemed to hold the crown as one of the most well done gay horror movies that had a decent plot and had characters in it that identified as gay characters. They were not suggested as being gay, they were not just homoerotic. The actors were playing gay men. Which is why I think this is a great movie!

Youre Killing Me

The movie You’re Killing Me is a new 2015 slasher flick that I have yet to see, but I have high hopes. It looks like it’s about a gay couple where one of them is a serial killer behind his partner’s back. It’s a great twist to the whole American Psycho bit, but this looks like the pair do care about each other. Should be interesting.

Another newer gay suspense movie is the 2014 The Dark Place. This stars Brent Corrigan before he returned back to porn and was using the name Sean Paul Lockhart. This is much more of a thriller than horror or slasher flick. But it definitely had its moments.

Vampire Boys

What else is out there? I know these are a lot and I’ve missed out on a lot of gay/homoerotic movies, but what would you consider a well done gay horror movie? I know there’s got to be a lot of them.


3 thoughts on “Gay Themed Horror Movies – Are there any good ones?

  1. The most recent gay-themed horror movie I’ve seen is more likely to be deemed a drama and thriller. It’s a French film called “Stranger by the Lake” that was released back in 2013. It’s sexy, well-written, has an elegant vibe to it, and is a story that takes place on a out-of-the-way beach that caters mostly to gay naturists (Oh, yes) and a handsome murderer. If you decide to watch it, (if foreign films are your taste. Thanks to a friend of mine, I was able to view it) and I don’t want to provide too much of a spoiler, but you will be surprised by the pathology of the main protagonist. I’ll let you know about others I’ve seen when they come to mind. I actually found a trailer link of SBTL on YouTube: Later, Paul.

  2. My first one was definitely Hellbent. It was pretty good, considering when it was made and it being a slasher instead of an actual horror movie. Covenent was fun… If there were more guy stuff happening. 😛 Haha

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