Star Wars – The Force Awakens! Are you ready?

Star Wars

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’re excited about Star Wars and have seen the trailer at least 2.5 times and made the standard remark that everyone has made- Where the hell is Luke? Not everyone is as excited as some over zealous fans, but you’re probably looking forward to it regardless. Even just a little. I was planning a whole thing myself but because of the timing, unfortunately I’ll have to do something much more low key. But regardless, I will be seeing the movie on opening night. It will be late, but opening night nonetheless.

John Jedi

What I did not know is that there is an issue with the casting of the lead actor, John Boyega. I did not think this was an issue. According Hollywood Reporter, there’s an actual petition to Boycott the movie because of stupid racist idiots who think that their privileged entitled lives need to have every movie ever made catered to the white straight man as it has been since movies have ever been made. There was even a report on that a Star Wars fan committed suicide over Boyega being cast in the lead role. I cannot find additional facts on this case, but if it is real – Are you kidding me? Forget the idea that Star Wars is a galaxy full of diverse species and genders and should instill the idea that there are many types of beings outside of the human race. But this is a movie. Killing oneself over an ideology is nothing new, but that is ridiculous.


If you are unaware, the first gay male character to be introduced into the Star Wars universe is going from the book Star Wars: Aftermath, written by Chuck Wendig. The book takes place after Return of the Jedi but before this movie. The story will involve Imperial turncoat Sinjir Rath Velus who will be romantically involved with another man. This caused lots of uproar too among some homophobic Star Wars fans out there. But he is there and it part of Star Wars continuity and it is not going anywhere.


None of that even matters. I never think of Star Wars in terms of race and sexuality. I got goosebumps and nearly started crying with tears of joy when I saw the trailer. This movie will be epic on so many proportions. Luckily the prequel series lowered the bar incredibly low, so it will be easy to surpass that level. I also feel that the director J.J. Abams is a great director and the fact that he wants real props rather than have 99.9% of the film be CGI, is something on its own that makes it seem even better. Are you excited yet? I’m sure when December gets here, not only will everyone will be a bit more enthused but we will be seeing Star Wars merchandise even more spread out than it is.

7 thoughts on “Star Wars – The Force Awakens! Are you ready?

  1. Hmm, so some people can’t take the thought of a black guy being in a major role in a Star Wars film? God! Don’t tell them about Lando Calrissian in the original trilogy or they’ll go bonkers.

    1. …and of course nobody mention the guy who provided Darth Vader’s voice, or it may cause a boycott of the original movies too.

  2. I went out and bought the bb8 droid from sphero. I know there are other versions out there, some larger and more durable, for kids. The one I bought was interesting for a while, but basically won’t even move on short pile carpet. Has limited commands, with not even a chance for a small bit of programming, like on a plain sphero sphere toy. It did not seem worth $150, so I sent it back.

    Anyone else bought one yet?

  3. I finally did it. At last.

    I watched a trailer for the new Star Wars movie. I have been fighting this since I heard the news, but I did it.

    It is a brand new day for me. 🙂

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