GayComicGeek Contest Submission by Michael Smith

The Inter-Dimensional “Hole” Story.

Part: 1

Written By: Micheal Smith

Fan-fiction for Paul Charles, The Gay Comic Geek.

One can feel winter coming, as the sun falls away into the night sky. And as darkness grips this shadowed land, our hero Paul Charles walks over a desolate concrete jungle: tired and defeated. The villains of his life had thwarted his advances, evil had won; at least for today…

As Paul now stands within an empty hallway, he fumbles around within his tight pockets, searching for his keys. His hands ultimately linger a bit longer than they should, before discovering a jangling mess of metal. Exposing the right one, he slides his key into its slot; then, slowly turning the doorknob, he pushes his way into his apartment. Exhausted; he rips off his tattered rags of an improvised suite, his first night as a would be crime-fighter had ultimately failed. And now, limb and defeated, Paul falls flaccid across a tousled stain drenched bed.

He now slowly stretches out his bare form, elongating ever aspect of his perfect frame, as he reaches for his oversized universal-remote. A night of television, after a long hard day, is exactly what his mind is yearning for. As he rapidly flips through the channels, letting his eyes dance but momentarily upon each frame; a storm begins to rumble in the distant night. And as his fingers play upon the keys of his entertainment, thunder grows… Suddenly; lighting streaks across the blackened night, as an unsuspecting boom shakes his apartment. Within that sound; his screen cracks open, as sparks surge from the ever expanding glass. Damn… exactly what he needs, a broken television and a night with nothing to do.

In frustration Paul’s hands now clamp down around the remote, tight. He begins to toss the now unusable device across the room, when suddenly his imagination has an even better idea than that of watching television. Paul flips his body around quickly, grabs a bottle form the nightstand, and begins to lather the oversized remote with a shiny like substance. After completely covering the device. Paul arches his back, throwing himself hard against the headboard of his bed. His legs prop up at an even ninety degrees, as his hand pronounces with that of his mouth; I am Thor… and this is my hammer. Then in one fell swoop, the remote disappears within the cavern of his mighty hall. Paul now lets out a cry, that even the gods can hear. As thunder rolls within the night, the remote is no more; its purpose however has forged an even heavier hammer… And with both hands, Paul grabs his mighty Mjölnir.

The storm has ultimately brought Paul to a quickening, or maybe it was the now missing remote; which ever it may be, Paul now rides each wave of existential pleasure with that of the rain outside. As his hands now grip his new toy; one breaks free long enough to once again make use of the bottle, used upon that of the remote. His hand now arrives back at its station, with a big helping of shiny goo… With his left hand never stilling, his right one remerges with that of the left. As he now slowly messages the goo, first, deeply into the base of his massive cock. Then even more slowly up the oversized shaft, until both hands come to that of the tip, where a sliver of pure essence escapes both his hammer and his lips.

The whispering wind moans both outside and in, as thunder again rises in the darkness of this night… And as sparks fly from both the shattered glass of the television, and the motion of Paul’s ever pacing hands… A surge of electricity, suddenly, escapes through the broken screen, encompassing Paul in a wave of blue energy. The energy now floods his heaving body, doubling his rate of ecstasy, as the light envelopes him whole; turning but inward. As Paul now screams, shattering every piece of glass within a ten mile radius. A blue swirling vortex erupts from the very tip of his hammer, breaking through not only his ceiling; but, that of reality… And in a final gasp of pleasure, Paul is gone, transported away into an inter-dimensional hole.

To Be Continued…

The Inter-Dimensional “Hole” Story.

Part: 2

Paul awakens, his body flushed, drenched in the heat of sweat. And even though his pulse still races, both from his actions and that of his travel, his body begins to cool. His eyes flutter, blinded by the light of a thousand stars. His breath leaves a trail like that of a comet, as he realizes he lies within the boundless depths of space. His skin shivers, his body shrinks, against the cold; as he continues to lie there, naked… Suddenly a voice causes a rift within the stillness of the universe. The voice is familiar to Paul, he has heard this echo somewhere else before. He asks, “can it be”.

With silence slowly falling back across all of time, Paul rises carefully from the stone ground which bears his wight. As he now stands fully erect; a single light, stronger than the blinding stars, shadows the figure for whom the voice belongs. The familiar stranger now steps out from within the light and for the first time, Paul sees the face of a God; the face of Thor himself. It is then for the first time in his life, that Paul becomes awkwardly modest.

Thor now stampers, his temper riled; “how dare you flinch in modesty at your nakedness in my presence, what kind of hero opens the gate between worlds and then hides because he is unclothed”. “All are bare how make the journey across a million worlds, and all are strong” With that Thor grabs Paul by his shoulders and forces him to standup right. Paul manages to pull against the strength of Thor, all but just a little. And in so proclaims, “I am no hero”. “I am a mere wannabe, I am not strong, I am not brave, I am nothing special… Thor backs off, he now looks up and down at this curious soul whom managed to do something only a God can do. And with his eyes still glimpsing across his form, Thor’s lips produce words that even he could not deny; not to that of a God… “You, nothing special. You, a mortal whom broke through the heavens to stand at the doors of Asgard. You, for whom I heard with my own ears, shout this is my hammer. No mere mortal can pierce the veil with his words, let along traverse all of time and space; to be here, at this moment, within this time”… “And no one with a body; so firm, so hard, so massive, is nothing special.

With those words Paul stood at attention, a little more excited than he could hide. And in so, his hammer: for which he had all but forgotten, fell out of the depths of his tight ass. Thor looks questioningly, and before Paul could even utter a single word, Thor swiftly picked up the remote-control. Paul was once again awkward, a little embarrassed… Thor could see. But; Thor could also see something that made him tremble, with something deeper than that of a riled temper… Desire! “Is this your hammer”? Then swiftly, before Paul could respond, Thor did something very unexpected. Thor took a better hold of the remote and suddenly smelled of it, as if it were something wondrous to be hold. “Ah, a hero’s bouquet”. Suddenly, like a fire rising high within the night, Paul’s cock grew way too big, way too fast. “No, now I see, that is your hammer. And some hammer it be”.

Thor now rips the armor from his massive body, and as Paul’s eyes move across his glistening form: Thor’s hammer grows; as does Paul’s, even more so than before. Thor now steps forward, boldly taking his hammer to that of Paul’s: in a test of strength and size. And even with Thor’s hammer still growing, to the surprise of both men, it could not stand against the might of Paul’s. With that, Thor’s lust broke, he grabbed Paul and passionately kissed the mortal deep; imparting upon him, as he did, the wisdom and strength of the Gods. As Thor now moves his lips from that of Paul, he whispers, fuck me raw… And in a single motion, as if the two where already one, Thor lies upon the stone ground, as Paul places his left hand behind that of Thor’s head. Paul, now, places his right hand upon the base of his cock; his size is too much, and so he gentle takes his left hand to help with that of his right. Both hands seem, now, tiny in comparison. Paul pushes forward, but his might is too much for Thor’s opening. Paul pulls back, as Thor screams; “no hero, I said fuck me… fuck me raw.”

Paul lunge’s forward, breaking the seal, Thor screams in response… “I want it all.” Paul does not want to disappoint, a God, and so in three powerful thrusts, he buries his cock deep within Thor. As Paul’s body heaves against the might of Thor. Thor braces that of his own tool, and begins to pump with the motion of Paul’s body. The two violently heave and thrust, their sounds of passion carrying across all of time. And just as a thousand suns begin to rise, both climax in a huge explosion of pure energy; causing them pleasure, and causing the birth of a new universe. The two now fall back, both now separate entities, both now exhausted and out of breath. After what seems to be a millennium, the two stand. Both still naked, both now spent, both a little less massive. Thor steps forward, he laughs heartily, before striking Paul across his back; “a hero you are, if ever any has existed”. To Paul’s surprise he did not even flinch, he stood strong against the might of Thor. The strike which should have thrown him forwards, felt more like a pat between true lovers. “You now have the strength and wisdom of the Gods”. With those thunderous words, the vortex reopens. “Before you leave me, leave Asgard, let me forge you a weapon you can use in battle. A hammer; no, you already have one mightier than mine. How about a sword of power. Yes, a massive sword should fit you well.” Thor now pulls a star from the new universe, the two had made; to forge a mighty sword, of great power. “You have strength and might, our passion saw to that; now you have a sword of power, which grants you, worthy, the power of the star from which it was made”. “Now go back through the inter-dimensional hole, and be the hero earth needs… Be Star-hammer, God of forged fire”. With those words Paul was pulled back through, he was then placed firmly upon his bed, his ceiling was magical repaired and a flaming sword of power lay hiding, that of the might of his hammer. And as the sun rises on a new day, Paul whispers, that was some damn origin story… Star-hammer, God of forged fire.

The End…