GCG Contest Submission by Michael Smith- Star-Hammer and a “Tail” of Two Paul’s

Star-Hammer and a “Tail” of Two Paul’s.

Fan-fiction, Starring: The Gay Comic Geek:

Written By: Micheal Smith

Sleep had never felt so good; and as Paul wakes from a deep penetrating rest, the whole world seems renewed with vigor: to that of our hero. And as the sun now breaks through the cold winter glass, rays of warmth wash across his pale naked form. His body now yawns and stretches, elongating his anatomy, and pronouncing each and every chiseled ab with decadent delight. His eyes are still held shut tight, against last nights ravishing. And as his memories cause the sheet wrapped around his lower torso to become erect; the first dew of the morning seeps from his soulful arousing.

Paul now sits up against the wight of his beds backboard; as he rips of his restriction of cloth: hiding his massive cock. A smile now slithers across his face; as his hand decides not to let such good morning wood go to waste. And as each finger now twines around the root of his problem, sternly taking control of the situation: a gasp escapes his lips.

Paul’s hand now seems dwarfed, by that of his massive size; yet each finger and each fingertip, still seems to know how to dance upon the thinly veiled vain of his euphoria. And with each new pivot, that his fingers bring, one can see the skin rise and fall: causing ocean waves to cascade onward. His skin, now, slowly rides up around that of his smooth mushroom shaped head, and within each passing, as he slowly descends, he takes his forefinger, and for a brief moment, flicks the inner part of his tip: each time, a ripple rides his taut body.

Suddenly, slow becomes fast and fast becomes ferocious; as Paul’s hand clamps down upon his shaft, and rides as if the cavalry were coming in. His gasps now become moans, as his body thrusts against his bed; causing a rhythmic thump across his neighbors wall. With each thump, comes a response for which Paul can not hear. And how could he, for each time his body slams itself into the cheap rotting sheet-rock, his moans turn to screams: echoing out into the morning, like a giant roster, cooing for all to hear.

Paul is now to the point in which; he can not hear his own screaming, he can not feel the plaster fall from the ceiling, nor does he notice his next door neighbor: standing within his doorway… watching! As Paul now pulls and tugs away at his sanity, his neighbor Bill begins to fondle himself, while still screaming. Poor Bill; he does not even notice his own hand massaging his groan, as he screams violently for Paul, to stop. And as if like magic, each time Bill protests Paul’s morning fun; a piece of clothing falls, he grows yet ever closer, as that of his own erection: tells truth of his sexuality. It is at that point, in which Bill has betrayed all his youthful lies: by climbing upon Paul’s bed and reaching out with that of his tongue, for Paul’s shaft. Paul now erupts in a mountain of existential truth: which covers Bill. And as the last of Paul now flows over an ejaculating Bill; Paul himself just notices his trespassing neighbor… It is then, with out an ounce of care, that Paul slides off his jizzed covered bed and pats Bill upon his head: like that of a puppy. Before telling him to make sure and lap up every last drop, as he makes his way to the bathroom to prepare for the days events. And just as Paul slowly pulls the door to, he slides his head out, as he almost silently proclaims: “I knew it.”.

Paul now turns on the water within the shower, and as cold slowly turns to hot: Paul stands waiting. It is not until steam rises within the closed space, that Paul enters the shower, letting the heat wash away his filth. And as Paul now slowly lathers up his body, he can not help put linger a little longer than he should, around his cock. And even-though it were nowhere near as climatic as a minute ago, it was still fruitful. As his mind could not help but imagine Bill, in the next room “cleaning” as it were. As soap and foam now wash down the drain, Paul stands amid the steam, drying his body, as his reflection manifests within the clearing mirror. It is then that he wonders if Bill as left his apartment, for even though they just shared a very intimate moment, Paul would still like a little privacy as he dressed for work. It is then that Paul slowly opens the door and leers out. His eyes spy no one, nor do they see any sign of what had transpired just moments earlier. In fact, to his amazement, his apartment had never looked so clean. “Damn, maybe I should have Bill over more often”.

Paul now stands in front of his closet, where for any normal human a myriad of suites and ties would stare blankly back. But not for Paul, for he is not normal: no he is the Gay Comic Geek, and his job requires him to wear the clothes of many a hero or villain. And today is no exception. But, what to wear? As he now stares inanimate, he wonders whom to don. Hero or Villain? Marvel or DC? Hell… Man or Woman? It is then, very fluid like, that his hand decides upon that of Loki. He could not help but wonder, for a moment, if his decision were based upon his earlier accounts of mischief. He smiles blatantly! Before slipping into a black, gold and jade green handmade leather costume: that fits his body better than gloves do on most people. He then stands there for a minute, remembering the night before, and suddenly his costume becomes a little snug. He then pulls and tugs momentarily, to readjust his suite. Then after he is satisfied with his look, the fit, and the feel of it all. He places a gold horned crown upon his head, before flaring a beautiful jade green cape onto that of his flawless form. “Perfect.” He can now leave for work…

“But, where else than in great old Gayston, Florida, can a man walk down the street as Loki and no one even bat an eye? Oh… nowhere; except San Francisco, New York or maybe even New Orleans. But that’s not the point, the point is… this damn fool is walking down the street as Loki, as if it were no big deal…”

And as Paul, now, strolls along the blistering sidewalks of Gayston, he passes; a Nun on a leash… being directed by a dwarf, a man with a six-foot beard and a six-inch alligator, and non other than another Loki. Whom, looks exactly like Paul. “I mean exactly, face and all.” The two stop, they now stare at one another with amazement; one with wonder in his eye and the other with indifference… “the only thing different about the two.” It is then, that they start doing that funny little mirror skit, one sees in an old black and white comedy. And as each man mimics the other, with utter precision: one could not tell, whom was mimicking whom. It is then that a crowd begins to assemble around the avenging duo, and as more and more people encircle the two: we have true believers, who see this as nothing more than a street performance… whom begin to toss money upon the ground around the two. It is within that moment, that distaste flashes across the face of one of the Loki’s, and suddenly what seemed to be fun, turns a little malevolent.

Now frozen, for a mere second, the two look intently, wondering what the other would do next. Then in a flash of green light, Loki number two manifests a gold and platinum staff, with a glowing blue orb atop it. It is then that the crowd jumps back stunned… “if but a mere foot.” As Loki begins to twirl his staff, as he jumps and flips in front of Paul. The audience, to its stupidity, is once again put at ease: thinking it a mere show. Paul, however, knows better and begins to wonder what Loki will do in a crowd full of so many innocent people. It is then that Paul grabs Loki by his shoulder ever so lightly, in response Loki taps Paul on the top of his head while shaking his finger dauntingly. The crowd cheers. Loki smiles! And Paul suddenly feels ill. Then swiftly, Loki turns and with a powerful blast parts the crowd. Panic ensues. As Loki magical turns the six-inch gator into a sixty foot beast. The gators tail snaps around, throwing several members of the crowd into the air. And as the gators jaws now lurch open, swallowing the nun, whole, and swinging the dwarf onto that of its back. Loki laughs. As if his actions, which were so unpredicted, could have not turned out any better. Then, to confirm what all already know, he points his staff and with a second magical blast gives the gator wings. The gator then breaths fire and fly’s off… as the dwarf shouts FUBAR.

It is now complete panic at the disco, as men heave women into the line of danger. Children stop, to selfie and instagram against the backdrop of a fire-breathing, flying, alligator with a dwarf riding atop it. And as panic ensues; Paul lurches forward and grabs Loki’s staff… The two now fight back and forth. Until, suddenly Loki’s staff fly’s through the air and lands upon the pavement, shattering; sending everyone, but Loki, Paul, the gator, and the dwarf… to only Gods knows where. It is then that Paul bursts into a whitish blue flame, burning away all that is his costume, except for his pants. “Oh great, that was handmade, one of a kind. Perfect!” He then manifests a sword of fiery power, out of nothing more than that of his greatness…

Loki now laughs, as he proclaims… “This is the great Star-Hammer for which my brother named. Ha!” It is then that Loki begins to glow with a greenish tint of magic. He then, as well, burns away all of his clothes, except for that of his pants; before creating another magical staff, out of thin air…

With both, now, exposed and a little vulnerable; Paul inadvertently stands face to face with… Paul! The two glance at one another, before walking around in a circle; to take stock of the situation and of their adversary… They stop, they look once more, before beginning to casually fight. It seems, that they are both more interested within the bare chest of the other, than that of actually fighting. “Do I really look like that? Damn!” The two, now, swing there weapons, both strike the other; yet, no damage or harm as occurred . It is then that Loki again laughs. “Ha, Star-Hammer. You don’t even wield a hammer. You have nothing but a puny sword, for which my brother forged. Why in the heavens did he yell your name? Why did he give you such a ridiculous title? And; why do I waste my time?”

Cut by Loki’s very words, Paul erupts in a fit of distaste; intolerant of Loki, Paul’s body surges and sparks, as flames grow higher and higher… madness begins to rage within Paul’s eyes. Suddenly Paul is completely naked, as his body pulses and vibrates, with an intense heat. His muscles now grow and swell, as his body seems to double in mass and strength… It is, however, not his muscles for which has Loki struck, dumbfounded. No, instead it is the massive tool, for which grows larger and larger, as Loki’s eyes stare upon it… “Paul’s dick, has taken on a fiery hulk like existence… that Loki seems to want, more and more, as it grows… Damn that thing is hot!!!” Loki…“Aahh, Star-Hammer!”

Suddenly Loki burst into a flaming mass of green magic; as the rest of his clothes burn away… his body mimics that of Paul’s, with precise unison. The two, now, stand a few feet away from the other, and yet the tips of their massive dicks touch… as they, both, bob up and down, underneath, that, of their own intense wight… The two, now, begin to sword fight, or hammer it out; as each man takes his massive dick, within his hand and proceeds to pound the hell out of the others. As the two Paul’s, now, pound each others dick… with dick; the colors of their power begin to swirl and intertwine in an array of misty delight. As that of the forgotten dwarf, yanks off all his clothes and begins to masturbate, ferociously: while still riding atop the massive alligator…

Heat begins to rise, as each man sweats with the power of hate and lust… Soon one of the Paul’s is pounding the hell out of the others ass; and as cheeks grow, to accommodate an unnatural amount of cock, the sound of flesh striking flesh can be heard. As can the sound of friction and moans… even over that of a wailing sex fiend, dwarf. And as the dwarf continues to masturbate, screaming, FUBAR; the alligator takes the tip of her tail and decides to help the dwarf, by massaging his asshole… deep. As she, herself, begins to flick and play with her salivating trap, using that of her new found wings. As the two, now, roll among the clouds; Paul switches Paul… as one dick slides out the ass of the other, flipping the tides, and inserting with a loud grunt the others massive cock into a fresh breathing hole. As ass is stretchered, and dick is craved… the moans of the four vibrate within their surroundings, with a pitch of mortal sin, that causes the veil of Loki’s deceit to slightly crumble… Allowing the crowd, to finally see glimpses of a real show! And as eyes watch in horrid amazement… Time passes, as dick begets dick. And as the two meld; it is not long before both Paul’s are flat on their backs, with their cocks shoved up each others ass…

And as they continue to ride in perfect unison. A dwarf moans, before erupting in delight… an alligator climaxes, a Paul screams, as the other Paul wails within the heat of passion. It is then that the two force the other in the opposite direction, with that of their climatic finish: causing the wall of deceit to completely crumble. Leaving the crowd in a state of awe, as both Paul’s lie there exhausted. Soon Paul, drained, reverts to his usual naked self; as Loki, spent, reverts to that of his own-self.

The two now stand. Loki waves his hand, and his staff magically returns to him. He then reforms the wall, blinding the crowd to what follows… It is then that Loki breaks the silence… “Now I see why my brother yelled your name! As, I know, I screamed it myself. You are definitely worthy. For what you have done to me… Here is a gift.” It is then that Paul’s costume is restored; as that of the dwarf and the alligator are returned to normal space…

“I thank you for a valiant battle, and I hope for a rematch one day” It is then that Loki vanishes, returning Paul to his own realm. Where he then continues to walk down the street. Heading for work, as if nothing had happened: with the biggest grin upon his face. Ignoring all… It is not until he arrives at work, that he realizes that he is not wearing any pants… His co-workers smile, as Paul blushes. “Damn you Loki. You mischievous bastard!!!”

The End…

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