has come out with some great series. But now, they have a ginger series! I love gingers! I think they’re so fucking hot. What do you think? This started out good, and I want to see a lot more parts later on, with a culmination of all the gingers teaming up.

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This scene stars: Colt Rivers

Colt Rivers

and Connor Maguire

Connor Maguire

3 thoughts on “Ginger Part 1 – UNCUT Review from

  1. I see Blu Kenedy on the subway some times here in NYC. I guess he said he quit because he had no life outside of porn and that no guy wanted to date him. He still looks great but he does have a too cool for school cocky quality which I find really off putting. Everything about him says “you know you want me.”

    1. You actually see him?! I would die! I know he doesn’t want to be known for his porn, but I’d want a pic with him so bad!!

  2. “And I completely support this endevour!”

    Laughed my ass off when I heard you say that! I don’t really consider Conner McGuire a ginger either. His pubes did look more ginger-ish, though. I miss Blu Kennedy so much. I too wish he’d come back for a porn encore.

    I’ve mentioned before that I’m a ginger, right? Right????

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