TitanMen.com just released their new movie- Catch 22!

Not the fastest action of their collection, but still memorable and hot as fuck! I’m glad that Eric Nero is being used in this as much as possible. He’s such a hottie. So is Eddie Ceetee…damn I love his chest!

Anyways, check out my review on TitanMen’s new movie.

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This movie stars: Adam Herst

Adam Herst

Adam Champ


Donnie Dean

Donnie Dean

Eddie Ceetee

Eddie Ceetee

Eric Nero

ERic Nero

Hugh Hunter

Hugh Hunter

2 thoughts on “Catch 22 – TitanMen UNCUT Movie Review

  1. Adam Herst is awesome! I love the porn-stache he’s got rockin’ there. I also really like how he and Nero were fucking with a mirror behind them. You got to see the sex from multiple angles that way. Nero’s dick is fsckin’ amaze-balls!

    I love how you stopped in the middle of describing the scene to point out the wallpaper in the background. I love it when you do stuff like that.

    And yes, hairy chests are badass.

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