Hasbro is Suing DC Comics Over the Name Bumblebee…Because They Think It Will Confuse People?

Many people know the Bumblebee car robot in the Transformers universe. Many others know that Bumblebee is a character in DC Comics…and she was was around before Hasbro created their famous yellow Volkswagen bug car (although he hasn’t been that version in long ass time). Toy naming rights and trademarks are a thing and media rights and everything else, all seem to be quite different from each other. Hasbro is suing DC over the toy name of Bumblebee to exist, because…pettiness? Afraid people will suddenly be confused? More money? Granted, Hasbro is making a spin off live action Bumblebee movie. So I am sure they have tons of Bumblebee toys set to be made.

Variety is reporting that the trademark-infringement lawsuit was made on Monday, by Hasbro against DC Comics. Or more appropriately, Warner Bros, over the name “Bumblebee” on toys. Granted, there are not a lot of DC Bumblebee toys out there, but damn. I am curious how this will turn out.