Have I mentioned that I like rough sex? A lot!

4 thoughts on “Have I mentioned that I like rough sex? A lot!

  1. Of course you like rough sex, Paul. You’re a man! We’re wired to get hot, get hard and get into it. Know what you want and take it! No feelings, no emotions, just sex on almost bestial level. Men are basic and still ruled by their animal instincts. If you want rough sex where you feel safe, here’s a news flash. That’s not rough sex! Rough sex is man on man, muscle against muscle and cocks so blood engorged they throb with pleasure/pain. Get the peg in the hole and as much gratification as you can get away with. And when it’s over…GO BACK FOR MORE!

  2. Have to agree grabbing a bottom and tearing him up is hot! Best is hot animalistic fuck toss the boy around make him scream and moan. Do have to say I have pictured you Paul as the boy many times ! 😉

  3. Here’s the thing I have with rough sex. In fantasies, Im good with it. There are times I really like porn with rough sex in it. My fantasies have that edge to it. The whole control thing.
    In real life I haven’t had that good of an experience with it. In fact, its been pretty bad. Maybe it was because I was with someone I didn’t fully trust. He was drunk, which is a huge turn off for me. I was not in any kind of control and it scared me in a bad way. I think trust is a real important thing when you get into rough sex with someone. There has to be a knowledge that you’re in a good place…that no real harm can come to you. Am I right about that? Id be interested in what your thoughts are on rough sex since I get the impression you’ve had good experiences with it.

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