Have I mentioned that I love guys in glasses?

5 thoughts on “Have I mentioned that I love guys in glasses?

  1. While hot, all your nerdy guys in glasses are white. Let’s get some color in here 😀 lol. Though that first gif is amazing, I love when guys go crazy while they’re in my mouth 😉

    1. You’re absolutely right, I will look at more diverse guys to post up. If you see any hot black dudes in glasses, pass them along.

  2. I love that Military Classified stuff. Its so hot. I wonder what it is about those videos. In some ways they seem kind of impersonal. Its all just sex and getting off. But maybe that’s the draw.

  3. I like the Clark Kent/Superman pic. Oh, and the headline on the newspaper he’s holding is hilarious. There was an episode of Lois & Clark about that.

    The one at the top who is writhing in his computer chair looks cute, and is definitely having a great time. Or some kind of seizure.

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