Have you ever actually watched yourself being fucked in a mirror?

I’ve never actually watched myself. I don’t know how’d I’d feel about that. I’ve been on both ends and I don’t know if I’d want to see my facial expressions. I’d like to think that it would be hot, but I have a feeling, it could just look awkward. Have you seen yourself being pounded?

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  1. I love watching a great cock slide into me! It is a must actually. I don’t bottom often. When I do it helps me to handle a pounding if I can see the cock slide in. I have had a few guys love seeing themselves in a mirror getting to see what I see. I have a buddy that I try to bottom for once in a while. He is hung. I can not handle him often. I let him video him teasing my hole with his cock. He showed me the video and his cock looks so huge between my cheeks. I asked if I had ever been close to take him balls deep. He said not many guys do that. He said I am always so tight it is hard not to cum to quick. I was at a party with him recently. There was a huge mirror in the hallway. I told him having sex in front of it would be hot. The guy throwing the party heard me and said the mirror in the bedroom is better. I blushed a little and my buddy says it is the only way he gets to enjoy my tight bottom. I smacked him and said it is a miracle I can take his cock at all. The guy throwing the party grabbed my buddy’s crotch. My buddy said to me he did not mind getting groped but there are consequences. Near the end of the party my buddy pulled me aside and told me to watch. He sat on the couch and when the host walked over he pulled him onto his lap. The guy looked over at me. I said I know that is one huge cock. When I went to get another drink my buddy came up behind me and ground his cock against me. I got us both a drink and went back into the party. The host pulled on my sleeve and I sat beside him. He said my buddy told him I have the tightest hole he has played with. I said I don’t bottom often and how could his cock find any hole loose. He smiled and said there are guys that can handle hung tops easily. I said I am glad it is easy for me to find guys that can take me balls deep. He said my buddy just needs to learn how to make a bottom enjoy having a huge cock. I laughed and said in my case he is lucky to top me. The guy grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. He said my buddy is not the only hung guy out there. I laughed and said he is not used to having another huge cock around. My buddy came over and I said the two hung guys have me out classed. I should head home. My buddy said he had to see if the mirrors in the bedroom make me want to see his cock all the way in me. I laughed and said I will figure out the best way to watch in the mirror. The host told us where the bedroom was. The mirrors were on two walls. My buddy leaned against the mirror said he could handle a pounding there. The host walked in and asked if he could handle a pounding from a cock bigger than his. My buddy said he would love to see a huge cock slide into him. I laughed and said I would too. My buddy is a show off and he pulled out his cock. The host pulled out his cock. My buddy murmured shit. My buddy took a little bit of a pounding. He sucked my cock the whole time. The host pulled out and said he is sure I can take his cock. My buddy smiled and said I should give it a try. The host tried to slide into me but he could not get hard enough. He said it is going to take a very hard cock to get inside. My buddy bent me over and his cock pushed against my hole. He said I was tighter than usual. The host was there watching and suggested my buddy try to pile drive me. I could watch in the mirror. I watched as my buddy lowered into me. He slid in and my cock got so hard it hurt. The host held my leg and his cock started leaking precum on me. My buddy slid all the way in. He stopped and let me get used to it. He smiled and said he was going to blow his load deep. He blew his load. I watched as his huge cock pulled out of me. The host laid back on the bed. I said how was a guy like me supposed to compete with guys with cocks that size. My buddy laughed and said my cock gets so hard it feels amazing. The host squeezed my cock and said he only thought teenagers got that hard. My buddy said he let me tease his hole once only to find my cock sliding into him. The host lifted his legs in the air and said he thought my buddy can watch him take my cock all at once. My buddy smiled and said I can slide in all the way no problem. I took some of the precum dripping from the guy’s cock. I slid into him slowly but all the way. He gasped and he came when I ground deeper. My buddy laughed and said the same thing happened to him sometimes. The host guy went out of the room and came back with a guy from the party. He said there were two other guys that had not left yet. My buddy was sucking my cock and looked up at me. My buddy moved so it was easier to play with. I bottomed for him once more. I took a good pounding. I got a great view of his cock deep in me.

  2. I’ve been in a flip-flop 3-way where the all 4 walls and ceiling were mirrors. Like watching live amateur porn.

  3. I was fucking a former boyfriend and told him that watching my dick going in and out of his (beautiful) ass was amazing. He immediately took a mirror down from the wall and put it on the floor so we could stand over it. We both thought the sight was very hot. 🙂

    1. Really?! That would have been hot to see. I guess it’s fascinating just to see the actual pounding action take place. Maybe that’s why it’s mesmerizing to me.

      1. I’ve been videoed and photographed a lot during sex which is a huge turn on so, yes, seeing myself with my BF behind me firing it in was very exciting. Loved it.

  4. I’ve never watched myself getting fucked in a mirror.

    I do, however, have a secret fantasy of fucking you in front of a mirror.

    Wait… Should I have typed that? I guess it’s not a secret now.

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