Just some random hot comic book art. We need more gay comic artists out there

4 thoughts on “Just some random hot comic book art. We need more gay comic artists out there

  1. I knew a guy that liked to draw very hot pictures. He never wanted to create a comic. He did have a favorite character to draw. I didn’t get to see a lot of what he drew. He did leave his sketch pad in my car once. He drew a picture of me and his favorite character. When I returned the pad to him he asked if I looked. I said I did. I told him how hot it was. I asked if I could have the picture. He would not let me. I told him it was not fair only he got to jo to it. I told him he guessed right, I am cut. He said he would do a picture that I could have. He gave me a picture of me relaxing on a hike. It was a hike he went on with me. He drew my shorts clinging to my cock. It was hot! I said I will take him on hikes any day if he saw me that way. He said he drew a few versions of the picture. I laughed kissed him. I had never kissed him before. I asked him if he ever drew something that he ended up doing for real. He said that the pictures were fantasies. I said his pictures are too hot to just be fantasies. He laughed and pulled out a picture and said he thought I would not like some of his fantasies to come true. The picture was him getting fucked by me while guys watched. I said we should practice before putting on a show. He laughed and said he thought I would be upset he used me to jo. I grabbed my cock and told him if I could draw there would be a few pictures that would make him as hard as me. We gave each other head that night. He and I played around once in a while. He drew a few more pictures and gave them to me. He moved away but before he did he bottomed for me while guys watched.

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