The 4th issue of the He-Man/Thundercats crossover is out. Prince Adam has died from wounds inflicted by Mumm-Ra. Lion-O takes it upon himself to try and save the Prince of Eternia, which blows up in his face because it causes He-Man to go insane. We finally get a battle between the King of the Thundercats and the Most Powerful Man in the Universe. It is epic!

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2 thoughts on “He-Man/Thundercats #4 DC Comic Book Review SPOILERS

  1. Cringer turning into Battle ThunderCat and wiping the floor with Tri-Klops & the mutants was awesome. I loved it when He-Man & Lion-O caught up with Cringer, he was laying on top of the villains and licking his paws. The reunion between Cringer & He-Man was really touching. The future vision was brutal. This mini-series has been really good and I can’t wait for the Sorceress to show up. Another great review and another awesome T-shirt. Seriously, you have the best shirts.

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