TitanMen just released their new movie, House Rules!

Pretty good movie, but I gotta say the last scene is the best out of this one. Check out my review:


Alex Graham

Christopher Daniels

George Ce

Hans Berlin

Tony Orion

2 thoughts on “House Rules – TitanMen UNCUT Movie Review

  1. Paul, you like hairy butts eh? It took me awhile to get comfortable with my hairy butt. I would not wear a jock for years. A little trim and a pushy friend got me over that.
    I think the ginger guy is damn hot!

  2. This has zilch to do with the subject of the video, but I adore that shirt you are wearing!

    Seriously, though, good review. Judging from the clips you used, it does look somewhat like the two guys from the last scene were into the fucking more. I did notice that scene two had one guy riding the other guy’s cock while facing him, and I love that position. I like it when there’s eye contact involved because it’s so much hotter that way!


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