I love old vintage gay pics (All non-sexual pics). These amaze me!

Granted, not all of these pics are gay couples. They could just be friends that embraced each other. Back in these times, the stereotype of being a ‘macho masculine straight guy that never shows affection for his fellow male’ was never even considered. I’ve seen several pics of my great granddad with his best friend in college and they almost looked like a couple in a few pics. Hell, he may have been gay for all I know, but I don’t think he was. Just based on the number of kids him and my great grandmother produced. But you never know. If anyone sees pics like these, please let me know. I love seeing these kind of pics.

8 thoughts on “I love old vintage gay pics (All non-sexual pics). These amaze me!

  1. One thing Ive always noticed in pictures like this is the absolute joy just spilling from the image. These are moments of true happiness. Whether or not they are gay is one thing but the fact that these men experienced a fleeting flash of freedom in expressing their love is completely evident. Capturing these events now with our ever present cameras is a daily occurrence but back when these were taken it was probably a rare treasure.

  2. n I love these, I see lots of intimacy in some of these pictures that I do believe are pictures of real gay love from another time period. The pic of the boys in front of the First Idaho National Bank, with both their hands interlocked, the boy against the wall holding the boy in front of him close to his chest, his head resting comfortably on his shoulder with his lips just an inch away from his boy’s neck. The look on his face that everything feels so right at the moment, and the boy with the baseball cap who has a smile that’s halfway between embarrassed and enjoying the moment as he’s locked in his friend’s warm grasp. How could it not be? Then there are some of pictures that are probably just of friends or brothers.

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