Iceman – Marvel Comics 1st & Only Gay Male Ongoing Comic Book Series Will End In March

Well damn. Numbers are what matters with any company and Iceman unfortunately did not have them. Iceman writer Sina Grace has posted that the Iceman solo series is coming to an end. He wrote a letter on his Facebook fanpage to let everyone know. This may seem like a small thing, as comic book titles come and go but it is quite sad to me. There are no ongoing mainstream comic book titles with a gay male superhero in the lead. This is the only one that Marvel has ever had. Northstar had a short limited series once. There have also been a few teams with LGBT representation. Wiccan and Hulkling are two of the more famous characters.

Unfortunately there has been a lot of hate for Iceman since he came out as a gay character. While true, some reviewers gave criticism on the story, many others criticized Iceman and many other Marvel titles as a “Social Justice Warrior” campaign. Some are even campaigning for Bobby to go back into the closet and become straight because they think that the teenage version of Jean Grey mind-raped teenage Bobby into being gay, and it affected his older counterpart. I doubt Marvel would go down that route, but it still is something that I have seen more than once on several other YouTube videos and on comic book forums. To add to this, the comic book – America is also on the chopping block. This is a title that has the first Latina queer character as the namesake of the series.

In the end, money is what keeps titles going, and Iceman just did not have the fan support. I do hope that Bobby Drake will be written well in the future. I’m already seeing haters rejoice making hateful and homophobic statements regarding Bobby’s character. All are saying that he should not have had a solo title and that Marvel should never ‘cater’ to a minority. Some of the homophobic comments I have read just today alone do hurt a lot. I know this is a comic book and does not matter in the scope of bigger things with life, but it is a comic book that was important to me. It was something I wanted to see since I was a kid and understood who I was.

2 thoughts on “Iceman – Marvel Comics 1st & Only Gay Male Ongoing Comic Book Series Will End In March

  1. It’s a shame but not unexpected given the low numbers. I guess in an ideal world, Iceman would be gay and wouldn’t need this to be depicted in his own series; it would just be something that everyone accepted and it would be referenced in the same proportions as for other characters.

    All that said, I have a huge problem with accusations of the increasingly over-used term ‘social justice warriors’. It now seems to be the fashionable way to describe some “undefinable them” that threatens the very foundations of our ‘democracy’. Do you think women/non-caucasions/gay people/people of other religions/etc should be treated equally? Then shut up because you’re just a social justice warrior and must be cleansed from society! It’s like people with bigotted views have found some sort of banner under which they can all congregate to shut down dissention and it’s very disheartening to see in the 21st Century. How far we’ve come but how little we seem to have learned.

  2. Hey man, I know seeing hateful comments about Bobby being gay hurts but try not to let them get to you. Iceman’s solo series was a success as far as LGBT ongoings are concerned. It did better than both America and Midnighter! You also have to remember that solo x-men titles that aren’t Wolverine related typically don’t sell. Storm, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey and Cable didn’t have hot numbers either. Point is; Bobby’s ongoing wouldn’t have been a success regardless of his sexuality. I’m really glad that it happened though, have you been reading the letter columns for it? It clearly touched thousands of people and set out to do what it meant to do. No hater will ever change that, and no matter what happens, Bobby will always be gay and this will always be a part of his story! There were about 15,000 readers that this book had monthly, that may not be enough to have the book keep going but that’s a lot of people who loved the story, and that’s a lot more than the asshole trolls who can’t handle a character not being straight.

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