Infinity Wars Prime #1 – Doomsday Clock #6 – Amazing Spider-Man #2 – Comic Load 7/25/2018

It’s comic book day! In Doomsday Clock #6, we get the background story on the Mime and Marionette. Obviously it’s mired in tragedy but it’s also how they became supervillains. Amazing Spider-Man #2 we have Peter Parker returning back to being a college student and the Lizard aka Dr. Curt Connors is his professor. What could go wrong with that? Flash #51, we have the prologue for the Flash Wars and Wally is in desperate need of recovery. Both mentally and physically. Detective Comics #985, Batman is dealing with the notion that he is up against a new villain by the name of Karma. Who is he and where did he come from? Finally in Infinity Wars Prime #1 – the character of Requiem is introduced and she’s gunning straight for the big bad himself, Thanos. This another new character that we may have seen before or maybe she is something completely new. What’s you comic book look like today?

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