Inhumans vs. X-Men #1 and Still No Word On Tim Drake – Comic Load 12/14/2016

Flash #12 – Barry and Wally are stuck in the Shadowlands dimension and have to work together to free Iris and escape.
Action Comics #969 – Lex Luthor has been captured by two intergalactic saviors that fear that Lex will kill millions in the future. Which is probably true. Superman has to face a moral dilemma to save him or leave him to his fate.
Spider-Man #10 – Miles Morales has been hiding from Captain Marvel since the revelation that he may be Captain America’s killer in an Inhuman vision. Now he makes his presence known.
Wonder Woman #12 – Princess Diana has more backstory told on her 1st year being in man’s world. Her connection to Ares is going to be explored as is her romance with Steve Trevor.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #10 – Hal is dead and the Corp is captured and shrunken in a city bottle.
Inhumans vs. X-Men #1 – The first strike has been cast and the mutants are fighting to destroy the terrigen cloud that has killed many mutants in the Marvel Universe.
Still no word on Tim Drake while he is incarceration by Mr. Oz in Detective Comics #946…so frustrating. We keep getting flashbacks and holograms. That sucks.

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3 thoughts on “Inhumans vs. X-Men #1 and Still No Word On Tim Drake – Comic Load 12/14/2016

  1. That sucks about Tim Drake.

    It does sound as though they COULD not have everything hammered down with the story. That, or they might be waiting to see how the audience reacts to it, so they can adjust accordingly.

  2. The whole terrorgen mist storyline has been terrible and DoX was a mess, but this issue is good. I know inhumans will get their shots in later, but seeing Mutants take them down was awesome. I might just stop reading the series now and pick up when ResurrXion launches.

  3. I don’t think they have everything fleshed out with the Rebirth storyline. They shouldn’t have taken Tim Drake out so early. Having holograms and flashbacks are not the same. I loved how Emma took out Black Bolt in IvX. They’re writing her better in this than they did in Death of X. I also think Beast is the dumbest genius in the Marvel Universe. What else did he think the X-Teams were gonna do? I’m really happy Kyle Rayner is back and is the White Lantern. I liked him in Omega Men but they didn’t really play up his White Lantern status. I’m still working my way through this week’s comics. So many comics…so little time (and money).

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