Comic Load 5 18 2016 (3).Movie_Snapshot

Spider-Man #4 has Ganke lusting after a new kid in school that could be his gay crush. But like many mainstream comics, nothing is concrete. Also in this week’s comic load is Superman/Wonder Woman #29, Aquaman #52, Powerman and IronFist #4, and Titans Hunt #8.

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1 thought on “Is Spider-Man’s Best Friend Gay? Comic Load 5/18/2016

  1. Titans Hunt was pretty good. I wonder if the 10th Titan is a speedster. Kid Flash is the only original Titan not in this series (for obvious reasons). I’m also finding it hard to care about the rest of the DC titles this week since Rebirth is coming next week. Wonder Woman ended with a whimper and I think the others will be the same.

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