Is this pic of Russell Tovey Real?

I stalk Russell Tovey…I mean follow Russell Tovey all over the internet. His Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and I’ve never seen this pic of him in leather before now. Is this photoshopped or is it real?


7 thoughts on “Is this pic of Russell Tovey Real?

  1. Face looks a little out of proportion by a smidge or three. Though hot, I’d have to vote Photoshopped… Sorry, GCG.

    1. Ah it’s ok, I think it is photoshopped. I’ve still not found anything even close to wearing leather (besides his shoes). But I can still dream! Now I need more photoshopped pics of him. Maybe one of him having sex with me. That would be great!

    1. Oh I know, he’s so fracking hot. I’d just like to know if he’s into leather. It would be so much hotter if he really was.

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