It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Hero or Hate Crime? (SPOILERS)

Mac is out of the closet. Again. The character of Ronald McDonald played by Rob McElhenney from the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has officially come out in the episode 12th season episode Hero or Hate Crime? This time it does look like he will stay out too. It also looks like he’s into fisting too. You have to watch the episode to understand, but he created a bike called the Asspounder 4000 with a built in fist/dildo in the seat that has the tagline: ‘The Asspounder – Never Stops Pumping.’

If you are unaware, Mac came out briefly in the 11th season of the show but disappointingly also quickly went back into the closet at the end of the next episode. His sexuality has fluctuated through the series where the show writers have stated that they never intended for his character to be gay and that it was something that slowly unwrapped as the series progressed.

I was hoping that his character would finally come out and stay out of the closet. So this is great news. The joke of him being gay and not admitting it has run it’s course and I finally feel that they can make a slew of all NEW jokes with Mac attempting to date men. He is one of the writers with Rob McElhenney (Charlie) and Glenn Howerton (Dennis). So he is still going to be the same vain horrible guy as they all are, just now he can date men. This should be fun to see.

The actors all went to the Pride parade in LA on 2016. They proudly showed their support. It should be worth noting that the characters are horrible people, but the actors/writers are not. The show itself pokes at their horribleness but also points out the fallacies and how wrong they are in their logic of thinking.

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1 thought on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Hero or Hate Crime? (SPOILERS)

  1. I… never watched this show. I felt like it wouldn’t suit me, to put it mildly.

    But! I have had people tell me that I should, because it’s a satire/parody of people who do horrible things in real life, pointing out how these things SHOULDN’T be done, and why people who don’t learn from their mistakes will just eventually wallow in their own mired selfish oblivion.

    Either way, gay male character on TV so… woot!

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