Jaden Smith is a possibility for Static Shock…ugh…he’s so untalented…

I hate saying that any actor isn’t talented but I feel like Will Smith is trying so hard to make his kid into an actor. He’s literally trying to shove Jaden Smith down our throats with him being put in so many bad movies. I feel for the guy cause he’s not the worst kid, but I’ve seen so much better.

I love Static Shock and I want to hope for the best. I’ll probably still see Static Shock when it’s out and hope to god that Jaden got some celebrity acting coaching done down the line.

I am sure many of you are aware of the cartoon series called Static Shock. But before the cartoon came out, Static was a comic book character from Milestone Comics (later fully integrated into DC Comics). Static was a badass character and had a gay friend, Gears (who became a superhero only in the cartoon later).


“Walking Dead” actor Tyler James Williams seems to be hinting that Jaden Smith will be cast as Static. Which wouldn’t be surprising being that his dad, Will Smith, has been cast as Deadshot in the Suicide Squad movie.


Ugh…Bring in new talent or an older talent that knows what he’s doing. At the very least, if Jaden is cast as Static, he is close to the right age. So that’s something positive. I say my friend Tony Ray should be Static Shock. He’s got the talent and he’s already got the look down too.


3 thoughts on “Jaden Smith is a possibility for Static Shock…ugh…he’s so untalented…

  1. Jaden looks the right age, but there are much better choices. I feel like the people behind this movie would be better of going with an unknown, or someone lower on the Hollywood list.

    Tony still has my vote. 🙂 Dawson’s Casting is rampant nowadays. If the age thing is an issue, though, they could cast Tony as Future!Static. They had a similar plot in the DCAU.

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