Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will Co-Run The DC Movie Universe- Things Can Only Go Up (Hopefully)


Batman v. Superman grossed over $870 million worldwide and could hardly be considered a failure. But many fans were disappointed in the story, the characterizations, and the overall tone that was set in the DC Universe by director Zack Snyder. The darkness was more bleak and gave little thought of hope in this universe, which is a huge contrast from the rivaling Marvel cinematic universe. But there could yet be hope. It seems as though Warner Brothers has listened to many vocal fans and according to, WB has placed both Jon Berg and Geoff Johns in charge of the direction of the future movies coming from the Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman universe. This could be incredible news.

Wonder Woman

Who is Geoff Johns and Jon Berg? Johns is better known for writing numerous DC titles and story arcs, including Darkest Night from the Green Lantern books. He is also the current Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics. He is an all around geek and does show lots of love for his characters and has incredible talent for writing stories. Berg I know very little about except his position at Warner Brothers. But with Geoff helping steer the direction of the future DC movies, many fans are hopeful that the future installments will be more optimistic than what has been given so far.


What do you think? There are a lot of movies set to come out in the next couple of years from DC characters and if the fanbase continues to lose interest, there could be problems. Batman v. Superman was an entertaining movie but it did have its flaws like all movies. Hopefully with Berg and Johns included, the future movies will be on a different course and the positives will outweigh the negatives.

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2 thoughts on “Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will Co-Run The DC Movie Universe- Things Can Only Go Up (Hopefully)

  1. Geoff Johns is one of my favorite DC writers. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope the next set of DC movies are better than the last.

  2. I am actually REALLY looking forward to Suicide Squad. It kinda flew by my radar until I saw the trailer for it during the Civil War previews. Then, I was hooked!

    I do want the DC movies to be good. Maybe things will climb up out of the dumpster they’re in now.

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