Justice League Crisis: Fan Made Trailer


For a fan made trailer, this is pretty badass. I know because the passage of time and the death of actors, we will never see some crossing of universes. Also because of writers saying it is too complicated to have a cohesive movie/tv universe in the DC Universe, even though Marvel figured that out. But a crossing of universes that converge together can be done. In fact it has been done multiple times in the comics. I could see a cool cross over tv episode of Flash where Supergirl, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and everyone else crossed over because of a breach in the mulitverse. It could happen damnit! Let me have my dream. But anyways, this trailer is badass! I give props to people who made it.

1 thought on “Justice League Crisis: Fan Made Trailer

  1. This is actually really good. I’m impressed by some of the editing, and it made me want to see an actual film of this.

    Who thinks that DC just doesn’t want to be accused of copying Marvel by doing a TV/Movie shared universe, and who thinks they’re gearing up for this eventually.

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