Katsucon generally takes place at the Gaylord Resort near Washington DC during the second weekend of February. It encompasses mostly anime/sci-fi/game based characters. But there are some good superhero characters in the mix too. Besides the fun with friends, the costumes were amazing! I had to say that I fell in love with several cosplaying costume ideas from guys and girls. I need to step my game up a lot! Here’s a bunch of pics that I took with my friends this weekend. I have said this before and I will say it again, straight guys are dying to take their clothes off. It took little to no effort to get these guys to pose shirtless. Some wanted to take it a step further.

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  2. So many comments!
    1. Why didn’t they take it a step further? Maybe next time?
    2. Cyclopes wishes he had your bulge.
    3. I saw the and Sean Cody stamps, and got excited for a second. When the hell is your video coming out?

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