I have this friend who just so happens to be a musician with a really cool band! I had the honor of assisting with his latest music video called Legacy. He just released the music video along with his single on basically everything. With the really talented Visual Effects of BT Productions and Director Ryan Henry Johnson, the video came out really amazing. Not to mention the song in itself is very very cool.

He is a very handsome and super friendly person if you ever get the chance to meet him. I truly believe he will go places with his talent and his energy.

Check out the music video and if you like the song go ahead and support him!

There is also a lyric video too!

The synopsis of the story is “Set in the year 2166 in the barren wasteland that was once Earth, the planet’s only remaining human inhabitant, Kale, discovers a godlike entity that has fallen from the sky in the form of a beautiful woman. Together they embark on a quest through the merciless desert, battling vicious predators along the way.”

Here are links to Ryan’s single and work as well as the visual effects work as well.









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